Square Tube Swaging

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we know just how useful tubing is for different projects. We help to make this possible by offering a number of expert techniques to adapt it. This can include everything from square tube swaging to bending and even coilwork. Whatever industry it is, we do our utmost to provide the very best results.

Working with ERW tubing

ERW Tube SwagingOf all the various types of tube businesses can use, ERW is the most popular. It is incredibly versatile, highly efficient, and is useful for lots of applications. Perhaps more importantly, it is the most cost effective option and tends to have the shortest lead time. That can make it a better choice than seamless, DOM, and other types.

If you are thinking about what tube to use for a project, you should look at ERW. It is available in a wide selection of shapes, wall sizes, and diameters. This can include square options. Modern high frequency electric resistance welding can create strong, stable welds. As a result, the products are great for low pressure pipe lines for gas, oil, water, and many other substances. You can also use the tubing for things like auto-mobiles, furniture, handrails, and lots more.

Another great thing about choosing ERW tube is you have a wide choice of products that meet different standards. For example you could choose carbon steel tubing with or without galvanisation. There are options to meet the standards for structural use, piles, and more. Or you could opt for stainless steel tubes that will meet a high sanitary standard.

Square Tube Swaging

Square Tube SwagingWhile the standard tube can suit a lot of different needs, it becomes even more useful thanks to manipulation services. Of these, swaging is one of the most useful. What it can do is increase the size of the inner diameter by compressing the tube wall. Or, with the right tools, it can change the shape of the ID entirely without changing the exterior.

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to swage the tubes. Most commonly people choose it so they can adapt the ends of tubing so it can form a tight joint. This is often a better option than using additional fittings and fixtures. They can add weight, increase the cost, and may need regular maintenance.

The great thing about square tube swaging is you can decide how much far to go into the tubing. In some cases it will only be necessary to swage a few inches at one or both ends of the tube. However, in others the design may call for a change in the ID size or shape along the whole length. Skilful experts like us can handle both.

If that wasn’t enough, the swaging can offer lots of other benefits. For example it won’t result in any material loss and won’t affect the strength of the tube. The tolerances can be excellent too, especially when using the right tools. It is even possible to swage a tube after it has been galvanised.

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Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is the UKs top tubing specialist. We can work with different materials and support clients in every kind of industry. You can also call on us if you are having design issues and want a professional input. We will do all we can to help you to select the most effective designs.

So, if you want Square Tube Swaging or another service to adapt a different kind of tube, contact us. Our services are excellent from start to finish, offering value, fast delivery, and great customer service.