Stainless Steel Fabrication Tube Bending Services

The applications for stainless steel seem to increase every day. It is a fantastic material that combines strength and impressive corrosion resistance. Not surprisingly, this makes it useful for all kinds of industries and an ever-increasing range of products. Our stainless steel fabrication tube bending services help too. If you have tubing and need to adapt it, Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the best experts to work with.


Stainless Steel Fabrication Tube Bending ServicesFew materials can match this steel in terms of versatility. You can utilise a number of fabrication techniques to alter it into different shapes. They can include bending, folding, drawing, machining, punching, and more. The steels can also be welded, but the efficiency will differ depending on the grade.

At the end of the day, stainless steel is a material that provides a lot of benefits for fabrication. One of the most interesting things you can do with it is work hardening. It makes the material stronger by intentionally deforming it. The technique can also make the steel more magnetic. It can be beneficial, but fabricators need to keep it in mind to ensure they don’t overwork the material.

How to make fabrication easier?

While the steel is versatile, you need to be careful when fabricating, especially with machining. Concerns here are mostly due to the potential for chipping. Chips can damage the tooling and make the cuts less accurate. They can even potentially damage the surface. You also need to limit any additional work hardening.

With that in mind, you may need a number of things to improve the machining performance. For example, coolant and lubricants are vital to remove chips and keep tooling and equipment cool. Larger tools can be best to manage the heat more effectively. There should also be steps to reduce vibration to minimise issues like deflection. Plus, always keep tools sharp.

Stainless steel fabrication tube bending services

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we have a lot of experience with stainless steel tubing. We can adapt it effectively in different ways. Our combination of expertise and high quality equipment ensures we can deliver great results, including accurate bends, end forming, drilling, and more.

A crucial thing we remind customers here is we can tackle tube bending while maintaining the steel’s properties. The process can produce some work hardening, but we take care to manage it. Plus, we retain the corrosion resistance and strength.

The major thing is we can handle all kinds of bending needs. We plan projects carefully, especially when there are complex designs with multiple bend radii. It ensures we can deliver the best results. We can also offer easy repeatability if you need a batch of parts.

So, if you need stainless steel fabrication tube bending services, rely on us. We can alter the tubing for you to a tight tolerance. Get in touch today and let us know what you need.