Stainless Steel Medical Tube Reduction

We are a specialist tubing company that uses a myriad of techniques to offer unique utensils. These are ones capable of being used for distinct applications in all kinds of industries. Stainless steel medical tube reduction is one of the services we have available. This is like tube tapering, where you lower the tube in size towards its end, so it has plenty of uses.

How does tube reduction work?

With tube end reduction, it is normally carried out on hydraulic end formers or rotary reducing mechanisms. Rotary has its advantages too. For instance, there isn’t any interruption to the grain structure. As a result, there isn’t a loss in integral strength. Your work pieces can be in warm or hot conditions. This is something that makes it preferable for heavy wall components.

Rotary reduction is also able to tube layer as well. It is here where you can reduce tubes made of different materials together. This produces a sandwich effect. It means you can easily combine various metals.

Hydraulic end forming is different because it uses clamps and a static forming die. With these, you can form tubes that are up to 5.5″ in diameter. Using both reduction practices, wall thicknesses can reach 5mm. Only hot rotary can deal with thicker walls.

Steel tubes serve the medical industry

Stainless Steel Medical Tube ReductionStainless steel medical tube reduction is an essential service because of how the tubes serve this industry. The fact is that the tubing is immensely versatile. Also, stainless has wonderful corrosion resistance and strength.

In addition there are the low maintenance demands. The internal walls of tubes made from other materials have a habit of gathering debris. Moreover, they suffer abrasion damage and can corrode. Thanks to stainless steel’s ability to resist corrosion, it happens far less often. This gives it a clear advantage for the medical industry.

A long-lasting option, stainless steel tubes will serve the user well for years. This is vital for the medical profession. Their utensils are important and need using repeatedly. Because they are durable, it is likely that you won’t need to replace your tube-based products for years. Hospitals and the like can keep their essential tools on hand for longer.

The role of the tubes in medical environments

With stainless steel tubes, they have historically played a critical role in the medical industry. This is especially true in areas like surgical procedures. The tubing has a high degree of safety. Moreover, so you can sterilise and clean objects, it’s crucial that they resist harsh acids.

Another thing to note here is that stainless steel could be unaffected by the multiple risks linked to flame and heat. This is significant. It can be dangerous for medical professionals and patients if anything malfunctions. Thanks to its high thermal strength and oxidation resistance, the steel is fireproof.

Next, a number of non-surgical and surgical medical equipment, as well as body implants are comprised of these tubes. One of the most prevalent uses is hospital beds. You need these in the various wards. Other uses include IV stands, wheelchairs, and walkers. In addition, there is equipment for the fixation of bones, orthopaedic implants, and more.

Work with us for high quality results with stainless steel medical tube reduction

Our team of technicians provides services to aid all kinds of essential industries. We commit to meeting the highest standards with every job. Furthermore, we can use other services to adapt tubing in different ways to suit all kinds of applications.

You may have questions for us or want to discuss stainless steel medical tube reduction. If so, you are free to contact us anytime. We can give you the knowledge and advice you are looking for.