Stainless Steel Tube Drilling

Welcome to Multiform Tubes, where we offer clients a collection of tubing services that prove useful for all kinds of applications. If you are after the highest quality tube, you are certainly in the right place. We are the top business excelling in stainless steel tube drilling the country has.

Located in the West Midlands, we have a team of first rate technicians, all of whom have years of experience to work with. Everyone here also has considerable training to refine their skills as much as possible. As a result, our team are knowledgeable on a myriad of specialities, including tube drilling.

Assistance for the industrial and domestic sectors

We perform stainless steel tube drilling for both the industrial and domestic sectors. The applications our work can help you with include medical, heating, and construction ones. These are just a few examples however. We are capable of far more and always love taking on new projects. The tubes we end up creating are ideal for functions from radiator components to spiral staircases.

We use first class materials

Another important fact you should know is that we make sure the actual tubes are high calibre materials. This is something we do to guarantee maximum life, strength, and durability. It also ensures we can note any flaws that may affect the tubing and our services.

How does tube drilling help me?

stainless steel tube drillingWhen you use it properly, our services are able to save clients hassle and time. We do so by giving them precise, clear holes on their tubes. Moreover, we use the most advanced equipment to make certain you receive a professional cut. Additionally, we have clamps to stop the tubes from bending or turning whilst the drilling procedure is taking place.

Professional tube drilling is capable of supplying you with solutions for a multitude of services. This includes automotive parts, pre-formed furniture, and more. With pre-drilled holes, assembly becomes simpler and faster. You can therefore save even more effort, time, and money.

You can rely on us for stainless steel tube drilling

Whether you need our drilling service or another one of our offerings, you can always count on us. Our people will work closely with you to figure out what your needs are. Once that is done, we can provide you with the top notch items you are seeking. Anyone who has questions relating about the work we do here should know that we are more than happy to answer any of them.

Get in touch

We pride ourselves on our potential for flexibility here. Each team member aims to ensure that they satisfy everyone who requires tubing. Even if you need very complex stainless steel tube drilling solutions, we can cater for your needs. You are free to contact us by calling 01384 898510. You’re also welcome to send an email.