Stainless Steel Tube Expansion

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd our speciality has always been the manipulation of tubing. We use various methods to alter the state of sections of various materials. Stainless steel tube expansion is one of our many specialities. This is a useful technique because it can help us to provide you with the ideal products for your needs.

Tube expansion is a method we use to open up the tube’s end section. Doing this will let you use the tubing in many more ways. Furthermore, it can allow a leak proof, snug fit onto other sections or fittings. You can use two methods to achieve the best results.

Ram forming

This technique makes use of a dedicated, tapered die. It works as a mould. A great deal of pressure forces your die into the tube’s end. Afterwards, this retracts out, leaving the tube end expanded. The die is a formed, set size and diameter. So, that means you are only able to produce specific diameters for certain tubes.


Stainless Steel Tube ExpansionThe second method utilises a hydraulic operated expanding die. It is a segmented die. When you open it, you are free to expand the finger style segments to all sorts of lengths and diameters. Such an option is a very flexible one in relation to range and size because you are able to open the hydraulic die as little or as much as you desire. This provides a far more specific measurement.

Expansion is suitable for most metals. You can normally expand them up to 5/6mm in thickness and 150/160mm in diameter. However, you need to ensure you keep the maximum amount you can expand different metals in mind. You can’t exceed this or you risk damaging the tube.

Why stainless steel?

Speaking of metals, stainless steel tube expansion is an area we excel at. What makes this metal the popular choice would be the corrosion resistance. It is a unique characteristic due to the chromium in the alloys. It produces an oxide layer that stops corrosion. Something you may not know is that the oxide is self healing. As a result, if there is any damage during fabrication, it is going to repair itself. You can see why it is perfect for tubes.

That is not the only useful property of stainless steel though. It has other attributes that makes it suitable for a myriad of applications. Firstly, it keeps its strength when temperatures rise and it can resist low temperature too. Moreover, it is incredibly ductile and comes with a far greater strength compared to mild steels.

Expert stainless steel tube expansion

The team at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has many years of experience working in tube manipulation. We can create all sorts of interesting products using this practice. Our technicians work with the utmost precision so they can meet the needs of all our clients.

If you are interested in working with us, you can contact our team. We will answer any questions you might have about stainless steel tube expansion or other services. You can arrange everything you need with us and we will then deliver the best tubing.