Stainless Steel Tube Swaging

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we provide a series of expert manipulation services for tubing. We are even able to offer stainless steel tube swaging for industries in need of bespoke parts. Our team constantly strives to achieve the highest standards as well. As a result, we have become one of the foremost names in our own industry.

The tube swaging technique

Stainless Steel Tube SwagingOur service is a process of rotary swaging. This is a hammer forming technique that can reduce the cross section of wires, tubes, and solids. It primarily creates circular concentric reductions. However, it can also produce regular forms like octagonal, hexagonal, and squares. This is on both ends of your tube or just one. It can even go right through the tube too. In turn, this makes the interior surface another shape while keeping the outside circular. The practice can also decrease or increase a tube’s diameter.

Tube swaging involves the user inserting a die into the tube. The die opens and closes swiftly, hammering the inner surface of the tubing to create the desired shape. This is an effective technique that can offer a huge number of benefits.

The benefits of tube swaging

For one thing, this technique means you will have short cycle times. In other words, you will acquire your end product more quickly and efficiently.

In addition, no matter what the shape of the interior is, you will find a decent, smooth, finish. This is important in a number of projects, especially if the tube will be carrying fluid or gas.

Furthermore, the tolerances are tighter and the material loss is minimal. Both of these are vital.

Swaging also employs an impact process instead of cutting. Therefore, there is no change in the integral strength. This adds to the minimum notch effect and higher wall thickness.

Stainless steel

For stainless steel tube swaging, we do of course need the steel tubing itself. The material is popular today due to its corrosion resistance. Because of the chromium in the alloy, it has an oxide layer that stops corrosion. The oxide is actually self healing too, meaning it will repair itself if it suffers damage.

The steel also comes with a host of other beneficial attributes. They make it appropriate for a huge number of applications. The metal maintains its high strength when temperatures rise and resists lower temperatures. It is incredibly ductile as well.

Contact us for first rate stainless steel tube swaging

Our team have an extensive level of experience with tube swaging. Using it, we can create a plethora of tubes. Rest assured that we have the technology and talent to satisfy all of your specifications.

If you would like to go over your tubing requirements with us, you can contact our team. Please get in touch by email or give us a call. We can discuss stainless steel tube swaging with you or any other service we offer. At the end of the day, we want to be the company you rely on to adapt tubes every time you need them.