Stainless Steel Tube Ting Rolling

The great thing about tubing, other than the great strength to weight ratio, is the versatility. There are several ways to adapt the tubes to create different products. We offer a full range of them at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd. Clients from all kinds of industries can work with us. We excel at everything from stainless steel tube ring rolling to various kinds of end forming.

Working with stainless steels

Stainless Steel Tube Ring RollingThere are several different grades of stainless steel to choose from. They can offer some fantastic characteristics that make them suitable for lots of applications. For example, the corrosion resistance is excellent. This is because the metals gain a protective oxide layer. It can protect the final products from corrosive elements. Plus, it also gives them a more attractive appearance.

On top of that the steels can have good cryogenic toughness and hot strength, good ductility, and better hardness. The fact they are ductile is great, especially for making and adapting tubes. If that wasn’t all, the materials are low maintenance.

All of these characteristics make the stainless steels a great option for lots of applications. They excel over regular mild and carbon steels and can also compete with other materials like titanium. The cost also comes into play here as they can be more cost effective than some of the latter options.

Stainless Steel Tube Ring Rolling

Whatever alloy or grade of stainless steel it is, we are confident we can adapt the tubing for our clients. We do this with skill and precision, whether it is bending, rolling, or any other options. The goal with each service is to make sure the final products are high quality without any issues.

Stainless steel tube ring rolling is one service we are very proud of. Here we roll the tubes to create curves, complete rings, or even spirals. It can be a tricky process but we have the skills and expertise to be consistent. We can offer services to suit most needs and can deal with round, oval, square, and rectangular tubing.

Speak to us about services

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a leader in our field and sets very high standards. As a result, we have a great reputation and lots of happy repeat customers. Many even feel confident coming to us for advice about services. We can share our expertise and help them to get the right products.

So, if you need stainless steel tube ring rolling, contact us. We will help you to get the very best service. Plus, you can ask us about adapting tubing made from various other materials, including different steels, titanium, copper, and more.