Stainless Steel Tube

Tube manipulation services can be extremely useful for a variety of industries. Furniture makers, automotive professionals, construction companies, and creative hobbyists can all call upon the technique to create bespoke components. Having a reliable company to carry out these types of jobs is definitely an asset.

Multiform Tubes are a company who do just that. From our state of the art facilities in the West Midlands, our experienced staff carries out a wide variety of manipulations corresponding to our customer’s needs. Equipped with the latest machinery fit for purpose we offer the best products. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent quality at great prices, no matter what your project might entail. With this in mind there really is no excuse to put your projects on hold.

We work with a great deal of materials, offering you flexibility and functionality when it comes to what you have in mind. Brass, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, and even ERW pipes are options we can use to fashion custom components for our clients. Stainless steel tubes are amongst our most popular products because of their low cost, structural strength and aesthetics.

If your connecting pipe ends are too wide or too narrow, we can fix that for you with reduction and expansion services. These techniques are carried out with the use of special machinery in order to ensure high precision results.

If you need a couple of holes drilled into a pipe with a specific placement in mind, we can also do that for you. Keeping a pipe in place can be a bit tricky, and drilling it at home can cause a risk of fire if the right non flammable lubricants are not applied. For these reasons, it is always preferred that a professional does this job. We have the right equipment, tools, and safety precautions in place, to drill tubing effectively.

Above are just a few examples of what we can do. We are also prepared to offer our customers an ample range of services which include tube bending, beading and swaging among others. In addition we are able to work with different shaped of pipe including oval and square. Tubing is available in any size and dimension.

If you have any questions about stainless steel tubes or require more information, you are welcome to contact Multiform Tubes. Our telephone number is 01384 898 510 or you can send an email to You can always expect a courteous, personalised service from us.