Steel Automotive Tube Manipulation

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is well-known for providing an array of special tubing services. This includes steel automotive tube manipulation among others. If you need unique tubular products for your projects, we can help. We have many years of experience in this industry. As a result, we have a thorough understanding of how our processes work. The result is some of the most professional services you can find.

When you need tubes, you don’t have to look any further than us. Our team will work with you to understand your specifications and offer high calibre items. Not to mention, we use the best machinery and tooling available to guarantee great results.

A versatile material

Steel is one of the planet’s most versatile materials. As such, countless industries get a lot of use from it. Automotive is a notable example. In this industry, steel tubes play essential roles in car and truck manufacturing. Tube manipulation helps because it can adapt them to create different components. Let’s look at the main ones here.


Steel Automotive Tube ManipulationThis is likely the most obvious and common use of steel tubing in automobiles. Take one look at your exhaust pipe and you will see it is a metal tube. It is usually steel, often stainless. However, some are other alloys like titanium or nickel.

As for why they are so important, it is a two-fold answer. First, it safeguards those inside the car from harmful gases such as hydrocarbons. It links to the catalytic converter as well. This essentially cleans your car’s emissions by converting them, helping to reduce harmful air pollution.


Sway bars are other components worth mentioning. They form parts of a car’s suspension system and ensure the car doesn’t roll excessively when turning. In addition, they stabilise the alignment by making certain the wheels aren’t lopsided. Both advantages offer you superior traction on the road, something you can’t do without. If you need our steel automotive tube manipulation, please let us know.

CV joint

The inner constant velocity (CV) joint links the driveshaft and transmission. As for the outer CV joint, it connects the wheels and driveshaft. These are the connections responsible for allowing us to drive the wheels at a constant speed whilst also accommodating the suspension bounce. Without these joints, the car can’t work. Steel tubing can be a vital part of them.


The chassis requires steel tubing too. This is the frame or skeleton of your vehicle, responsible for supporting the weight. It must do that when it is moving and idle. There are many kinds of chassis out there, and all of them tend to use steel in some respect. This includes the walls, roll cages, and roof, as well as many other parts.


As you’ve already read, systems like the exhaust and steering rely on the tubing. Several others use it as well. Among them are the fuel and oil flow systems, and the coolant circulation system. Tubing is efficient here but must be durable to protect the resources.

An establishment you can trust for steel automotive tube manipulation

Whenever you find yourself in need of specialist tubing, you can always rely on Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd. We’re able to alter tube with fantastic accuracy, ensuing it will meet your requirements. Therefore, you will have the right components to finish your projects. Not to mention, we are always available for advice should you need any.

So, if our steel automotive tube manipulation interests you, or you want another service, please get in touch. You can rely on us for anything.