Steel Heating Tube Bending Services

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is known for providing a comprehensive collection of tubing services. If you’re looking for precise products, you should work with us. We can use our steel heating tube bending services and others to get you everything you need. Thanks to our experience and industry knowledge, we are able to give clients the greatest experience possible.

You don’t have to look any further than us when you need tube for heating applications. Our team members take the time to understand your requirements. They do so by working closely with everyone. Also, we are always happy to answer any queries that come our way.

Heat exchangers

Steel Heating Tube Bending ServicesThere are a few reasons why people use steel tubing for heating applications. One application in particular that shows up is heat exchangers. They can draw heat from a hot fluid, cooling it effectively. Some systems also save the thermal energy. They are primarily used in refrigeration, heating, ships, chemical boilers, and petroleum. Other fields include pharmaceuticals, food, machinery, and air conditioning. You can use the exchangers as heaters, coolers, evaporators, and condensers. It’s even possible to use them as reboilers in the production of chemicals.

One of the reasons we use steel tubes for heat exchangers is the tube wall thickness. With copper tubes, it can’t be under 1.2mm. This is because of strength and wear. As for steel tubing, walls can be as thin as around 0.5-0.8mm. According to the thermal conductivity and resistance laws, the conductivity is constant even with the thinness.

The smaller the thickness of your tube’s wall, the smaller the thermal resistance. This leads to superior heat transfer coefficient. It can be 2 to 8% greater if you compare thin steel tubing to copper. As a result, you can bridge the gap in the overall heat transfer coefficient between the metals by lowering wall thickness. If you are after stellar steel heating tube bending services, give us a call today.

Oxidation resistance

Another reason why we use steel tubes here is the oxidation resistance. If you don’t know, some steels are really good in this regard because of elements in the alloys. For copper tubes, it’s the opposite, with them being particularly vulnerable to “patina”. Furthermore, as usage goes up, the tubes’ oxide layer will get thicker. The heat transfer loss will worsen.

Stainless steel tubes basically don’t oxidise. Even if there is slow oxidation, and you have inner walls that are relatively smooth, the boundary laminar flow bottom layer’s thickness goes down. The heat exchange life of steel tubing isn’t influenced by time.

Material hardness

Then there is material hardness. Stainless steel tubes posses outstanding hardness. This can enhance the vibration and shock resistance of heat exchangers. Copper isn’t as hard, so it may not have as long of a service life.

We work to give clients the best products with steel heating tube bending services

To ensure quality at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we work with the most advanced machinery available. It allows us to manipulate all tube with wonderful accuracy. Our clients get far superior products as a result. We pride ourselves on our skill and ability to cater for all kinds of applications. Clients deserve the best and that’s what they get with us.

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