Steel Ring Rolling

Multiform Tubes is a company with a reputation built on our exceptional skill in the art of tube manipulation. We can offer a wide array of solutions, including steel ring rolling. Using our skills, as well as the knowledge we have accumulated, we can provide clients with the perfect products. From our facility in the Midlands, we serve the whole of the UK.

The high calibre products we create are useful in all sorts of industries. To give an example, they are ideal for fabrication, heating, medical, and transport. Whether you belong to the industrial or domestic sectors, you will be able to find a use for them.

Tube ring rolling

Steel Ring RollingFor steel ring rolling to be a success, we must use the right technique. There are several options, including machine and manual manipulation, as well as cold or hot manipulation. Whatever the case, you can expect ring rolling to provide constant curves with even the most robust of tubes. In addition, we make sure that the tube ends are not flat.

This may be one of several services we offer here, but it is no less important than the rest. It is a manipulation rolling operation where we bend tubes into curves, spirals, or complete rings.

With ring rolling, it is simple enough for us to create versatile components capable of satisfying the needs of our clients. With it, we can offer spirals for staircases, heating components, and even automotive springs. Huge steel rings are also not out of our reach.

The other materials we work with

Steel is not the only material that we can roll into rings. Our people can also work with other substances as well. The list includes brass, titanium, copper, aluminium, and hydraulic tubes to name some. In addition to the different materials, we also work with more than 200 separate sizes of tubes.


Another thing we are pleased about is the amount of flexibility that goes into our work. We always aim to ensure that each client that visits us for tubing is happy. There is no one on our team who is not experienced on the subject of tubing. So, should someone come to us with enquiries about our services or tubes, we will be more than happy to aid them.

Advanced technology

We also use the most sophisticated technology when performing ring rolling and our other services. This allows us to work on the tubes with outstanding accuracy. In the end, the results shall be far better for clients. We want the best for them and this machinery helps us accomplish that goal.

Contact us to talk about steel ring rolling

Multiform Tubes is here to offer its customers first rate ring rolling for an affordable price. We provide accurate results and can also cater for the most challenging projects.

If you would like to know more about steel ring rolling, you are welcome to get in touch with us. You won’t regret your choice to work with the UK’s best tube manipulation specialist.