Steel Transport Tube Ring Rolling

With many years of experience, Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has risen to become one of the UK’s foremost tubing specialists. We provide services like steel transport tube ring rolling to supply clients with the exact products they need. Thanks to our experience and the team of technicians here, we can meet and exceed your expectations.

What is tube ring rolling?

Steel Transport Tube Ring RollingYou may be unfamiliar with the practice. If so, it’s the manipulation process where we bend tubes into rings, spirals, and other products.

The ring rolling allows us to manufacture versatile components for all kinds of industries. It’s possible to do this kind of work using multiple approaches too. They include machine and hand manipulation, or hot and cold manipulation. Even when working with the strongest materials like steel, the work provides constant curves. This is while it ensures that your tubes won’t become flattened.

Steel tubes have extensive use around the world. They are among the most important steel utensils. Part of the reason is due to the massive versatility. For example, the tube is critical in the manufacture of all sorts of vehicles, such as cars, cruise liners, and motorcycles. The tubing has a wonderful mixture of excellent formability and a decent strength-to-weight ratio. So, you can use techniques like steel transport tube ring rolling to create precise parts.

Moving liquids and gases

The primary use for tubular steel in the transport industry is shifting liquid fuels to an engine. Also, they move exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide. Exhaust tubes usually come with catalytic converters to oxidise harmful gases. They transform into types that aren’t as damaging or toxic. An example would be changing carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.

Fluids and gases can be corrosive. As a result, it is critical that the steel tubes you use have the right properties. Ideally you want tube with good corrosion resistance and outstanding mechanical stability.

Reasons why the transport industry uses steel tubes

The transport industry has such great need for tubes and steel transport tube ring rolling, and for many reasons. For one thing, there is the high tensile strength. Steels are not easily broken. This makes products resistant to both external and internal stress, even under sudden shock. Another fact about tubular steel is that it can endure frequent highs and lows with temperature.

Next, you can produce tubular steel very quickly, even as tailor-made gear. It will be cost efficient if you compare to other metals. Appropriately coated tubing is inexpensive and resists corrosion. Not to mention, steel is predictable, increasing production speed and saving time. The tubing is also not subject to rot or decay. As a result, it won’t devalue much over time. Lastly, the low weight reduces transportation costs if you compare to heavier components like solid bars or beams.

Start working with us if you want steel transport tube ring rolling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a skilled team capable of working with a myriad of tubing materials. Besides steel, we have experience with copper, brass, aluminium, and titanium. We are even able to work with hydraulic tubes. You can use the tube for all kinds of interesting applications as well.

So, if it’s steel transport tube ring rolling that you need or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll create the products you need with care and accuracy.