Steel Transport Tube Swaging

We’ve been offering specialist tubing services for a long period of time. This kind of work can help many industries. However, transportation is particularly important. Without the right components, our vehicles would not work. This would prevent us from getting to where we need to be. Thanks to our high calibre services like steel transport tube swaging, we are one of the leading companies in our industry.

What is tube swaging?

Steel Transport Tube SwagingThe technique is a hammer forming procedure for the cross-section reduction of tubes. This process consists of inserting a die into your tube. It opens and closes swiftly, hammering the inside.

Rotary swaging easily generates circular concentric reductions to adapt the tube’s diameter. In addition, it can create regular forms like squares, octagonal, or hexagonal. It does so on one end of a tube or both, or it goes right through depending on the equipment. In turn, this can make the interior of the tube a different shape while keeping the outside circular.

Such work comes with multiple benefits. For instance, there are short cycle times. They give you your end product more rapidly and efficiently. Moreover, no matter what the interior’s shape is, you will retain decent, smooth, finishes on the exterior. Even better, there are tighter tolerances and zero material losses.

Steel transport tube swaging utilises an impact process rather than cutting. This keeps integral strength the same. As a result, it is a great option for various applications involving loading.

Steel’s presence in the automotive industry

As one of the planet’s most versatile materials, steel has a presence in countless industries. For transport applications in particular, it tend to be part of truck and car manufacturing. It is a top choice for various components.

One component is the exhaust pipe. It is critical for keeping us safe from the harmful gases our vehicles produce. Steel is good choice because it is strong and durable. You can also adapt the tubing to route the exhaust gases effectively.

Another use for steel tubes here is sway bars. These make up part of the car’s suspension system. Everything works to ensure the vehicle does not roll excessively during turns. Apart from this, the bars stabilise your motor’s alignment. They make certain the wheels don’t become lopsided. Both advantages give you superior traction on the road. Steel transport tube swaging can help to create the bars.

Propeller shafts use steel tubes too. Also called the driveshaft, it moves torque from your transmission to the differential. In turn, this transmits it to the wheels, letting the car move. In the mechanical world, torque is a twisting force that results in rotation. For cars, this is a measurement of how effectively your motor can work. The more torque there is, the more power your engine generates.

The transmission represents the control you have of your car’s movement. The differential lets the wheels turn at individual speeds to ease motion and turns. Obtaining torque from your gearbox to the wheels is critical. The propeller shaft plays a large part in doing so. As a result, the tubing is vital.

Add-ons to your car can also be made using steel tube. They can be both decorative and functional. This includes things like grill guards, side railings, and bumpers. You can form many of them out of steel to add to the protection and aesthetics of the motor.

Come to us for steel transport tube swaging

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