Steel Tube Expansion

Here at Multiform Tubes, we are experts in numerous forms of tubing manipulation. Steel tube expansion is one of the many techniques we use to create our distinct merchandise. We use our skills to provide clients with products that suit their applications. Our first class machinery, together with the high standard of excellence and knowledge we possess, ensures that we can make the finest tubes for you.

One thing clients come to us for is to open the ends of tubes. There are several reasons why they need this, including that they want a snug, leak proof joint. It can also be for decorative reasons or to attach to different fittings. To achieve our goal we use one of two different approaches.

Ram forming expansion

This technique consists of us employing a tapered die that is the right size for the expansion. It functions as a mould. Extreme pressure forces this die into the tube’s end. As this happens it compresses the tube wall, expanding the inner diameter. Then it is a simple case of retracting out the die. The process is effective and very popular. However there is a limit on the amount of expansion. It cannot exceed the dimensions of the die.

A hydraulic operated expanding die

Our next approach to steel tube expansion makes use of a hydraulic operated expanding die. Once you open it, you are free to expand the finger style segments to a myriad of lengths and diameters. This option gives the user considerably more flexibility in relation to range and size. You are able to open this hydraulic die as little or as much as you desire. The result is a measurement that is far more precise.

Tubes suitable for industrial and domestic clients

Steel Tube ExpansionThose products that we create using our steel tube expansion methods are appropriate for the industrial and domestic sectors. Thanks to our years of service and the knowledge the team holds, we have become one of the country’s foremost tubing specialists. The work we do is ideal for manufacturing heating, barrier, refrigeration, and furniture merchandise. These are simply examples though. We have the means to create many more tube based goods.

You are free to use expansion on the majority of metals, not just steel. Normally, you can expand them up to 5/6mm in thickness as well as 150/160mm in diameter.

Speak to our team about steel tube expansion

If you want to work with us, you will be glad to hear that our team can handle any project. They do so with the same high calibre customer service and work. It could be tube expansion or something else. You get in touch with us over the phone or by email to talk about what you need.