Steel Tube Reduction

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we understand just how many different applications there are for metal tubing. We work to help here by offering a number of services to adapt it. For example, we can provide bending, coilwork, and more. One area where we excel is steel tube reduction. As a result, clients can trust us to deliver the products they need.

What is tube reduction?

Steel Tube ReductionOften it is necessary to adapt the ends of tubing. This may be to allow it to attach to different fixtures or fittings. It could also be to allow the creation of leak proof joints between sections of tube. Whatever the case, accuracy is vital to get a good fit. One of the best options for many projects is reduction. It can offer many advantages over other options.

There are two different methods of reducing the metal tube. Firstly is rotary reduction, a process that requires a specialist machine. It can tackle the reduction efficiently, resulting in no loss of material or impact on the grain structure. This preserves the strength of the material.

The second option is to use hydraulic end formers. They rely on cylinders to adapt the tubing. The hydraulics mean this is one of the fastest ways to adapt the tubes. They can be incredibly powerful to give them the ability to adapt even strong metals. As a result, they are a good option for steel tube reduction.


As we said above, there are many great applications for metal tubing. Thanks to the tube reduction service, the tubes can be suitable for everything from pipelines to handrails. They can also work for things like furniture, shop fittings, and even exhausts. The list of uses is growing all the time as people look for more creative ways to use tube.

The best thing about the tubing is it is suitable for all kinds of different industries. There are metal tubes like mild and carbon steel that can work in everything from construction to automotive. Then there are other types such as food grade, hydraulic, and stainless steels. Or, you could opt for a different metal entirely including things like copper or aluminium.

Talk to us about steel tube reduction

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the top teams in our field in the UK because we combine a wealth of experience with the best equipment. Then, we offer high quality customer service and fast delivery. That means every client gets the very best solution for their needs.

Whether you have a simple project in mind or are thinking of something cutting edge, we can provide tube services for you. As part of this we can offer suggestions for product designs and more. Our standards are also always very high.

So, if you need steel tube reduction or any other tube alterations service, please contact us. We can help you to arrange everything.