Steel Tube Ring Rolling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the UK’s most successful tubing specialists. We can take a section of tube and adapt it in several ways to suit a vast array of applications. Our team have a wealth of experience and can work with various materials, including lots of steel alloys as well as alloys of copper, titanium, and more. One area where we truly excel is steel tube ring rolling, delivering precise rings, coils, and spirals.

Why use steel tubing?

Steel is one of the most versatile metals in the world and the most popular in terms of production volume. There are numerous grades here, including mild steels, stainless, high carbon, and many more. Many of these are suitable for tubing.

In terms of what type of steel to choose for tubing, you need to think about things like the strength, corrosion resistance, and other important characteristics. It is also vital to look at workability. The last thing you want is to opt for a grade that you cannot work in to tubes or that will become brittle after adapting them.

Why choose steel tube ring rolling?

Steel Tube Ring RollingSteel rings are great for an array of projects. For example, you can find them in everything from engines to turbines, paper mills to household products like furniture. They really are versatile thanks to the properties of the steels and the ability to create rings with tight tolerances.

Most people choose the steel tube rings because of the strength. Steels can compete with many substances in terms of how strong they are. This is important for lots of applications, especially when they need to bear a load.

As well as the strength, steel is a cost effective metal. Options like titanium or aluminium cost more, increasing the whole price of a project. In addition, processing the steel is usually easier, requiring less machining to create the rings. This also cuts the cost.

Ask us for a professional service

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a team you can trust to offer precise steel tube ring rolling. It is a service we have experience with. As a result, we know how different steels behave and what it takes to adapt them into rings. Plus, we have a skilful team and the very best tooling to use.

So, if you need tubes for a project and have to adapt them in any way, from creating rings to bending or end forming, trust us. We will deliver first rate services for a great price every time. In addition, we arrange quick delivery or you can collect from us.