Steel Tube Swaging

steel tube swagingIt is the job of the team here at Multiform Tubes to supply clients with expert tube bending and manipulation services. There are lots of options to choose from, including steel tube swaging. As a result we can cater for a huge array of different needs.

Clients from a number of industries come to us to seek our help. As you can imagine, the work we do here is critical in a myriad of sectors for an extensive list of purposes. We are also happy to take on any new project.

What we can do

We can use tube swaging and our other skills to fabricate all sorts of tubing products. This includes furniture, refrigeration, barriers, and railings. Additional examples include public transportation fittings, heating components, and similar tubular goods. Our people work with tubes in various metals. Steel is the most prominent because it is the perfect choice for swaging. However we also work with aluminium, copper and more.

What is tube swaging?

If you are unfamiliar with the service, it is a rotary process that can adapt cross-sections of wires, tubes, and solids. The technique generates regular forms or circular concentric reductions. Examples would be squares, octagonal and hexagonal. This is at both ends of the tube, just one, or right the way through. As a result, this can lead to the inner tube becoming a separate shape from the outside. It can decrease or increase the tube’s diameter too.

The steel tube swaging we offer consists of us inserting a die within the tube. The die in question opens and closes quickly so it can hammer the inner diameter of the tube. This produces the shape.

The perks

There are several advantages to this procedure. For instance, there are shorter cycle times. In other words, you receive your end product fast and efficiently.

In addition, no matter what the interior’s shape is, you will have a decent, smooth, circular finish on the outside. This means the aesthetics will stay the same.

On top of this there is no material loss and tighter tolerances. Swaging uses an impact operation instead of cutting. This means that integral strength doesn’t change. It adds to a minimal notch effort and increased wall thickness.

A reputable steel tube swaging specialist

Situated in the West Midlands, ours is an esteemed business that is famous for the leading  services we offer. When the situation calls for bespoke tubing, you can always rely on us to come through for you. One of our members of staff shall discuss your requirements with you to make certain you walk away with everything you need.

Get in touch

Steel tube swaging is but one of the many areas we excel in at Multiform Tubes. Anytime you require this service or one of our others, feel free to contact us. Our telephone number is 01384 898510. Or you can send us an email if you prefer.