Titanium Automotive Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a specialist tubing company. We’re one committed to supplying customers with the right utensils. To do this, we make use of techniques like titanium automotive tube swaging. They enable us to modify tubes so that you can use them for the purpose you have in mind. As one of the leading businesses in our industry, we consistently achieve first rate results.

A quick look at the technique

Swaging is a rotary hammer forming process for the reduction of wires, tubes, and solids. We specialise in applying it to tubing.

The swaging is able to generate regular forms or circular concentric reductions. Examples include hexagonal, squares and octagonal. This is on one end of the tube or both. Or, you can go right the way through your utensil. In turn, it can make the inner tube a different shape while retaining the exterior. Furthermore, it can decrease or increase the diameter of a tube.

Swaging’s advantages

Titanium Automotive Tube SwagingYou will find there are a myriad of advantages to titanium automotive tube swaging. For example, there are short cycle times. They will present you with your end product quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, no matter what the interior’s shape is, you will have a decent finish on the exterior. That means you don’t need to do any additional processing. Plus there is no worry of harming protective coatings.

To go further, there is no material loss, unlike cutting. So, integral strength remains the same this way. That adds to the minimum notch effect and heightened wall thickness. Plus, you get tight tolerances because you can control the swaging.

A look at key applications

Titanium automotive tube swaging is useful since the tubing has several applications. These can be attributed to its great strength, low modulus, and low density. Not to mention, the metal’s resistance to oxidation and corrosion is considerable.

One of these uses is suspension springs. Titanium ones give an opportunity for savings in space and weight. A standard helical spring design in titanium, when compared to steel variants, will lower weight by upwards of 70%. The metal’s corrosion resistance is also advantageous to the service life for springs on equipment. This is the case even if you only operate occasionally in aggressive environments.

Another notable application of titanium tubes in this industry is with the exhaust systems. Some environmental agencies demand ensured corrosion resistance on systems exceeding 100,000 miles. Titanium achieves this with ease and surpasses stainless steel. Pure grades are the preferred materials for pipework and silencers. By picking the thinnest gauges of materials consistent with the exhaust system’s acoustic and engineering needs, you can improve cost and weight. Lastly, using titanium lugs welded to the tube is one of the most efficient ways of attaching your exhaust to the chassis.

Work with our reputable business for titanium automotive tube swaging

Situated in the West Midlands, Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has become one of the most reputable companies for tube services. Whenever someone needs particular forms of tubing, they know to come to us. Someone from our team will take the time to talk to you about your needs. They will then ensure that you get exactly what you need.

As we said, titanium automotive tube swaging is one of the multiple areas we excel in. If you need this service or another, you’re welcome to contact us.