Titanium Furniture Tube Reduction

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd are specialists in tube alteration. We’ve been working in this industry for many years. As a result, we’ve developed the ability to create a wide array of products for numerous industries. One of the services here is titanium furniture tube reduction. This is similar to tapering, reducing the tube at the end. The technique has lots of benefits, which is why it sees such extensive use.

How does tube reduction work?

Titanium Furniture Tube ReductionThe process is entirely mechanical. You perform it on hydraulic end formers or rotary reducing mechanisms.

Rotary reduction has its advantages. For instance, there isn’t any interruption to the grain structure. As such, there is no loss in integral strength. Your work pieces can be in a warm or hot state, so rotary is suitable for heavy wall components. The technique can tube layer as well. Tubes made of different materials get reduced together here, producing a sandwich effect. It means you can combine the performance of metals or alloys.

As for hydraulic end forming, it uses clamps and a static forming die. Here, you are able to form tubes with up to a 5.5″ diameter. This is much bigger than what you handle with rotary reducing. Therefore, if you are dealing with larger tubes, this is the best option.

Why use titanium?

There are many reasons why we use titanium tubing in furniture and other applications. Let’s look at them and how titanium furniture tube reduction can help.

One of them is the high strength. Pure titanium’s strength is close to that of standard steel. Certain high strength alloys surpass many alloy structural steels. So, they can be the best choice.

Titanium’s operating temperature is a few hundred degrees greater than aluminium alloys. Also, it can preserve its strength at medium temperature. It can function for ages at 450-500ºC. This works out well if you need to place your furniture in hotter environments.

The low temperature performance of titanium is also commendable. Alloys are still capable of keeping their mechanical properties at ultra-low and low temperatures. Many can maintain a specific amount of plasticity at -253ºC. This is good if you need your furniture somewhere cold.

Titanium also has the ability to withstand chemical activity. It can react favourably with CO2, H, CO, N, and O in the atmosphere. When the carbon content exceeds 0.2%, it’ll form hard TiC in the titanium alloy. When there is a high temperature, it will react with nitrogen and create a hard surface layer of TiN. Let’s say you have temperatures over 600ºC. If so, titanium absorbs oxygen to create a protective layer with decent hardness. This all means your metal furniture and other products can last longer.

You can depend on our team for titanium furniture tube reduction

As experts with many years of experience in our field, you can rely on us to deliver the best tubing. No matter what project it is we’re presented with, we aim to complete it to the highest standards. Not to mention, we go out of our way to supply a great level of customer service.

If you want services like titanium furniture tube reduction or any other, feel free to contact us. We can help you decide on the best ways to get the products you need.