Titanium Medical Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a company known for its excellent tubing services. This includes titanium medical tube swaging and many others. Because of them, we can cover a lot of ground. For the healthcare industry, we can help clients create life-saving utensils of the highest quality. Whatever the shape you need your tubes to be in, we can make it happen.

How does tube swaging work

Titanium Medical Tube SwagingIt is a process of rotary swaging. At a basic level it is a hammer forming procedure for the reduction of the cross-section of wires, tubes, and solids. The technique has the means to generate circular concentric reductions or regular forms. Examples would be squares, octagonal, and hexagonal. So, it can decrease the diameter of the tube or transform the shape of the interior without harming the exterior. You can swage the ends or go right the way through your tube.

This work comes with several advantages. For instance, the cycle times are short so you will receive your end product faster. Also, no matter what the interior’s shape is, there will be a decent, smooth finish on the external surface.

Titanium medical tube swaging makes use of an impact procedure instead of cutting. As a result, integral strength stays the same. There is also no material loss and the tolerance can be very high.

Titanium’s attributes

Now, let’s look at why we use titanium tubes in the world of medicine. The metal has extensive use in the field of medical science because of its many distinct attributes. They make it a great option for medical devices, implants, and more.

One of these attributes is biocompatibility. What this means is that the metal doesn’t result in an adverse reaction when it encounters living tissue. It makes it an outstanding choice for implantable medical devices. We’re referring to things like dental and orthopaedic implants. The human body readily accepts titanium. Together with its inherent capacity to promote osseointegration, it is safe and reliable.

Another noteworthy attribute is the corrosion resistance, something that is essential in medical applications. Titanium is outstanding in this regard. The high resistance means devices, implants, surgical tools, and other implements will be hygienic and last a long time.

Then there is titanium’s strength and durability. Thanks to it, items can endure the wear and tear of daily use. That is vital for devices like dental and hip implants. The metal also comes with outstanding fatigue strength. It is not as likely to break or crack under the stresses of heavy use. These factors don’t change even if you choose titanium medical tube swaging.

The metal can resist high temperatures too. Having this kind of resistance is essential for specific medical applications. For instance, you can use it for manufacturing surgical instruments. These are ones that need sterilisation at high temperatures.

Finally, it is lightweight. Compared to steel, it is 45% lighter and comes with a modulus of elasticity you can compare to bone. It is a substantial advantage when developing medical implants. Titanium’s strength to weight ratio means you can use it to develop durable and strong implants. At the same time, they will still be light and appropriate for the body to support.

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