Titanium Transport Tube Reduction

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a specialist tubing company that uses various techniques to alter tube. We’re able to produce products for many industries. One of our most noteworthy services is titanium transport tube reduction. As a result, if you are looking for bespoke components, you’ve come to the right place.

Tube reduction is very useful

The reduction process is similar to tapering, where we reduce the tube in size towards the end. It’s performed with hydraulic end formers or rotary reducing machines.

Rotary reduction has some key advantages. For one thing, there is zero interruption to the grain structure. The result is no integral strength losses. Work pieces here can be either in a warm or hot condition. This makes it an excellent pick for heavy wall components.

Rotary reduction can tube layer as well. It involves reducing tubes made of different materials together. That produces a sandwich effect. It lets you combine specific materials with a variety of properties.

Hydraulic end forming uses a static forming die. The major benefit here is you can form tubes up to 5.5″ in diameter.

With both practices the wall thickness can reach up to 5mm. The only way to exceed it is rotary but the tube must be hot to increase the flexibility. This may not be necessary with titanium transport tube reduction.

The transport industry needs reliability and durability

Titanium Transport Tube ReductionOne of the earth’s most versatile metals, titanium has served many industries where its qualities provide major benefits. Said properties include high corrosion resistance. But, it’s the strength of this metal working in tandem with its other features that has made it attractive in applications demanding reliability and durability.

The transport industry needs these attributes, particularly when it comes to motorsport applications. They’ve used titanium to their advantage on a major scale. They revolutionised the mechanical features of cars and other vehicles.

In a high-speed, high-risk sport like racing, manufacturers need to make motors that are fast and strong. They must be durable enough to provide an excellent degree of safety to the driver. For this reason, most motorsports vehicle makers utilise titanium. It is a material that is strong for protection and easier to manipulate. You can mould it into intricate shapes to meet the speed and aerodynamic needs of the vehicle. We use titanium transport tube reduction to give our clients the modified tubes they need.

Vehicles must be constructed to endure the major air resistance and pressures created when travelling at high speeds. The pressures and air resistance aren’t always consistent. They can move to different areas of the motor as it moves around. This creates strain on several sections of the car at once. It happens both internally and externally. The materials must be able to withstand it.

Titanium supports the structure

Many body panels are created using lightweight titanium. So, the drivers can cut through the air effectively. Not only this, they can do so without worrying about the car body faltering as air pressure and oncoming winds grow. The same rings true structurally. Titanium tubes can support the body of vehicles, including motorsport cars. They supply a fantastic level of durability while keeping the motor’s weight down for maximum performance.

Titanium tubing also comes in handy when making the exhausts of these vehicles. They will be lightweight, whilst still being durable and strong. They can stay relatively unscathed even if they take a nasty hit on the road.

We work to meet the highest standards with titanium transport tube reduction

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can use reduction to alter the likes of oval, square, and round tubing. This allows you to use them in all sorts of interesting ways. We’re experts in our field, having worked in it for many years. So, no matter what job it is we are doing, we strive to complete it to the highest standards. You will get a superb quality of work, something that is vital in high spec vehicles.

If our services interest you and you’d like to use them, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any queries you have about titanium transport tube reduction or other topics.