Titanium Tube Bending Services

Our goal at Multiform Tubes Ltd has always been to offer the best tube manipulation services. To achieve this we have the perfect combination of a skilful team and the best equipment. In addition we have experience working with various grades and alloys of different metals. Today we are the top name in the UK for things like titanium tube bending services.

A very popular metal

Titanium Tube Bending ServicesTitanium is one of the most popular metals in the world because it has a range of really useful characteristics. This includes impressive strength with only a fraction of the weight of alternatives like steels. As a result it is a material that many people choose for aerospace and automotive applications. It is also a metal that has impressive workability, making it useful for a whole range of products.

One of the most unique things about titanium though is it is biocompatible. That is the reason it is the metal of choice for things like medical and dental implants. In fact there are grades that are specifically for medical uses.


Another great thing about titanium is it responds well to both cold and hot forming. The first of these is excellent news for tube bending. It means with the right equipment and processes it is possible to adapt the tubes in many ways.

While cold forming is possible, it is important to consider three vital things here. The first is that at room temperature the titanium is less ductile than other metals. You have to factor this in, especially when you choose bend radii. Typically you will need to be more generous with them to overcome the lower ductility.

The second thing to consider, especially with titanium tube bending services, is springback. Every metal will have some level of this. However, it can be higher with alloys of titanium because of the ductility. You need to plan for it or you will struggle to get the precise bend you want.

Finally, there is a higher risk of galling with titanium. This could potentially ruin the surface finish if you are not careful. The best way to prevent it is to use effective lubricants.

Arranging titanium tube bending services

Multiform Tubes Ltd can provide a very broad range of services here. This includes bending tubing that varies in terms of the exact grade, alloy, shape, diameter, and wall thickness. We also strive to offer solutions for any kind of industry. The products we supply can have all kinds of bends, including different radii if necessary.

We also do everything we can to make sure our service is always high quality. For example we know to make sure the titanium is ready before we start bending. It is especially vital to get rid of contaminants and check for defects. Failing to do this can result in edge cracking and other issues.

So, if you want first rate titanium tube bending services, we are the ideal provider for you. Simply get in touch and tell us more about the application you have in mind and the tubing you are working with. We can then advise how we can offer the perfect service to bend the tube.