Titanium Tube Expansion

Multiform Tubes Ltd is a business that specialises in tubing. Specifically, we use techniques like titanium tube expansion to produce parts that meet the client’s needs. We have become one of the UK’s foremost professionals working in this area. Thanks to our efforts, people are able to get their hands on the essential products they need for various projects.

The act of tube expansion involves us using a series of approaches to open the tube’s end. This permits someone to use the tube in a variety of ways. In addition, it can offer a leak proof, snug fit onto another tube. To achieve this result, you can use one of two main techniques.

Ram forming expansion

Firstly, there is ram forming expansion. Here, the technician uses a dedicated, tapered die that operates as a mould. A large amount of pressure forces the die into the tube’s end. This die is formed to a set diameter and size. What this means is that it is capable of fabricating certain diameters for particular tubes.

Hydraulic expanding die

Titanium Tube ExpansionUp next, we have the second expansion method. It uses a hydraulic operated expanding die. This has finger die segments that can open to numerous lengths and diameters. As a result, the option offers more flexibility in range and size. You are able to open this hydraulic die as little or as much as you wish. The end result is it provides a far more specific measurement.

It is possible to perform expansion on the majority of metals. You can generally expand them up to 150/160mm in diameter, as well as 5/6mm in thickness. So, if you need titanium tube expansion, we can help.

We love titanium

Speaking of metals, let’s discuss one we love using with this technique. That would obviously be titanium. Many people like to use it since it is a fantastic alternative to steel. Titanium, along with its alloys, provides brilliant tensile strength. They are not unlike those you can find within the different steel grades. This material is low density as well, roughly 60% that of steel. As such, it is advantageous when thinking about weight.

Titanium also comes with a high melting point. It actually outperforms aluminium and steel in this respect. It is this reason why components made from it have their present popularity in the aerospace industry. This is besides other applications where they would be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Talk to us about titanium tube expansion

The team at Multiform Tubes Ltd is more than familiar with the benefits that tube alterations like expansion and bending brings. With every new client, we aim to make these advantages as clear as day. Moreover, we meet the highest standards with all of our projects.

So, the next time you need a bit of help with your tubing needs, you are welcome to work with us. We excel at titanium tube expansion but set the same high standards when working with different metals and offering other types of alteration.