Titanium Tube Reduction

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is no stranger to the manipulation of tubing. We have been working in the industry for an incredibly long time. As a result, we can produce items for clients from many different industries. To do this, we can provide specialist services like titanium tube reduction and more. They are very helpful when standard tubes won’t do the job.

Tube reduction is one of our most useful services

Titanium Tube ReductionThis service has similarities to tube tapering, where you reduce the diameter in size towards the end of a piece of tubing. The practice comes in handy while working on a variety of applications. Examples include exterior and interior flush joints.

Normally, you would perform the reduction on rotary machines or use hydraulic end formers. The first option comes with several advantages. For one thing, there aren’t any interruptions in the grain structure. What this does is guarantee that there won’t be a loss in integral strength. You are free to use the method to adapt work pieces that are cold, warm or hot state. The latter makes it perfect for heavy wall components.

Rotary reduction is able to tube layer as well. It allows you to reduce tubes of different materials together. This generates a sandwich effect. What it can do is increase strength while letting you use specific materials.

Hydraulic end forming makes use of a static forming die, as well as clamps. These can form tubes that go up to 5.5″ in diameter. This is much bigger than what you can achieve using rotary reduction. By using both practices, your wall thicknesses can reach 5mm. The exception is if reduction is performed by hot rotary.

Titanium’s best features

To perform titanium tube reduction, we of course need to use tubing made from the metal. It has a reputation as an excellent alternative to steel. Whether it is pure or an alloy, these metals provide wonderful tensile strengths. They are not unlike the ones you can find in the different steel grades. At the same time, these materials are low density. They are roughly 60% of steel. When weight is a concern, titanium will benefit you immensely.

In addition to what we have already said, titanium is profoundly tough, stiff, and strong. What we mean is that it is very suitable for creating a massive amount of components. This includes the ones you can find in the most demanding environments. If you are still not convinced to use it, the corrosion resistance is outstanding. There is also a lower thermal expansion coefficient than aluminium and steel.

We provide top tier titanium tube reduction services

Our team knows all about titanium and various tube alteration services. Our experience makes us an industry leader and one of the best experts in our field. As a result, we can change your tubes so they can fit all sorts of needs. Plus, no matter what project we are working on, we aim to reach the highest standards.

So, feel free to contact us if you require help with your tubes. This could be titanium tube reduction or any other service for various metals. You can even ask us to provide several services if you need more than one.