Titanium Tube Ring Rolling

It takes a great deal of skill to adapt tubes carefully to suit different needs. At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we are confident we have all the skills we need to accomplish this. Plus, we have access to a whole range of great resources, including high quality equipment. As a result, we can offer services like titanium tube ring rolling.

Products to suit any need

Titanium Tube Ring RollingClients from a wide array of industries come to us for tube services. Often they require tubing rings or even coils or spirals. Our goal every time is to deliver products that meet their specifications. We want each one to be precise so it will have no flaws.

To achieve the highest standards we ensure our team have the best combination of knowledge and skills. For starters they know how to deal with different metals, including various grades of titanium. That means they understand the important properties of the materials such as workability and work hardening. In turn that means they can provide the right services without risking issues. This is how we offer the best titanium tube ring rolling.

In addition, our team know what tools and equipment to use for different needs. The great thing about working with tubing is that there can be several processes to choose from. This could include different forms of hot and cold working. We will always select the best option for each project because it is the only way to achieve the best results.

Expert titanium tube ring rolling

Titanium tubes are popular for an array of applications. This includes specialist uses like aerospace and marine. The materials are popular because they offer useful characteristics like high strength and stability with less weight than steel. In addition, titanium has good corrosion resistance.

The thing to keep in mind with working with titanium is that you need to retain its characteristics. Overworking it can cause it to become brittle, so it will compromise the strength. It is important to be precise. This will prevent over and under rolling.

Choose the most reliable services

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has built a reputation as a leader in our industry. We can take care of all kinds of requests, including adapting tube to suit very tricky applications. Even if there are several bend radii to consider or different sizes of rings or coils, we can deliver the same first rate service.

So, if you need titanium tube ring rolling or a service for other metals, contact us. We can give you advice, discuss our capabilities, and even offer quotes.