Titanium Tube Swaging

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we understand that altering the ends of tubing is necessary for various applications. We can help clients here by offering expert services. Our team have the skills and equipment to adapt tube ends to suit almost any needs. In fact, we are one of the leading names for things like titanium tube swaging. So, we should be the first company you speak to about it.

What is swaging?

Titanium Tube SwagingHere we use a mechanical rotary process to increase the inner diameter of the tubing. In some cases it is even possible to use the method to change the shape of the inside of the tube. It is a cold forming technique so there is no risk of heat altering the metal’s properties. In addition, it maintains the grain of the metal.

What happens is a die is inserted into the end of the tube. It can open and close rapidly to physically hammer the inner surface. This gradually compresses the tube wall, thereby increasing the inner diameter (ID). At the same time it can leave the outer diameter (OD) the same.

This is a useful process that can make it easier to create tight fitting joints. It can reduce the need for additional fixtures and the drawbacks of using them. The swaged tube end can be as deep as necessary to suit different needs.

Taking care of titanium tube swaging

Titanium is a really great metal that has plenty of useful characteristics. For example it is light and strong, having a better strength to weight ratio than steel. In addition, it has excellent stability and good corrosion resistance. There are lots of grades of the metal to choose from, including pure ones and alloys. This even includes some options that are famous for specialist applications like aerospace.

Some manufacturers can have issues with titanium though, especially the tubing. The hardness can make it tricky to work. As a result it can limit the possibilities. However, we have a lot of experience here. As a result we can carefully plan what we need to do to get the right results. That ensures we offer the best titanium tube swaging solutions.

Contact us if you need specialist services

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd offers support for businesses in various industries. Our clients range from niche specialists to large multinationals. Our goal is to give them the most consistent services every time. Plus, we can offer advice if they have a new application in mind and need some tips about tubing.

So, if you need titanium tube swaging, a service for any other metal, or a different solution like bending, contact us. We are confident we can offer all the services you need in one easy package. We also have great prices and provide fast delivery or collection.