Transport Tube Drilling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a specialist tubing company operating from our base in the West Midlands. We have a team of expert technicians that can deliver stellar tubular products and services to our clients. Thanks to the training and experience our people have, we are able to help clients in many areas. For example, we can offer transport tube drilling services and much more.

Why waste time or risk problems?

The tube drilling services we provide are very high quality. Our goal is to save clients time and hassle. It can take a while to drill holes in tube, especially if you are dealing with large batches of tubing and need several holes in different places. The time can increase with metals that are harder to deal with. At the end of the day this could slow down your production, particularly any assembly stages. Luckily, we can help.

Our services offer a precise, clean hole on tubes every time. Since we use advanced machinery, we can provide the very best results in a quick timeframe. Plus, we use clamps to guarantee that there won’t be any bending or turning. This protects the shape of the tubing and ensures there won’t be surface defects like scratches or gouges.

Thanks to expert drilling, you will be able to acquire products for all sorts of applications. This includes automotive parts, pre-formed furniture, and much more. Pre drilled holes make assemblies go a lot faster and smoother. What this will do is save you money, effort, and time.

Lots of uses in a huge industry

Transport Tube DrillingHaving transport tube drilling services available is very beneficial due to how big the industry is. There are many kinds of vehicles at work here, such as private cars, vans, buses, trucks, and even trains and boats. Then there is the critical infrastructure to make them move safely. Both areas make use of many types of metallic tubing to excellent effect.

Every type of vehicle you can come up with will utilise tubes in some respect. To give an example, they have much use in seat construction. The reason why is that they are extremely durable and lightweight. Safety railings are often tubing for the same reasons. Some unexpected uses even exist, such as masts on boasts.

Before you can use any of these vehicles, they have to be made. Tubes can play a significant role during this stage. Hydraulic lifting equipment, conveyor belts, and a number of other tools can all make use of them. Without such products, manufacturing would be far more challenging. The variety of vehicles would be smaller as well. Additionally, the prices would be higher.

When vehicles are built and ready for use, they depend a great deal on infrastructure for safe functionality. Tubes are essential for creating much of this as well. For instance, there are radio masts, traffic lights, and sign posts. Each one is able to use tubing in their designs.

Providing the best transport tube drilling services

As you can see, the transport industry gets a lot out of metallic tubing. People depend on the characteristics of the different materials, including steels, titanium, and more. It is the same for the multitude of design options that exist. For example, you can choose round, square, oval, and rectangle tubes. They can also vary in terms of diameter and wall thickness.

We have what it takes to meet all kinds of tube requirements. This is something we can do thanks to the impressive list of services we offer. You can choose a full suite of options, including drilling, bending, and various end forming processes. Whatever the circumstances, we aim to give our customers the best items.

So, speak to us next time you need transport tube drilling services. You can expect the best from us every time, both in terms of the quality of the end results and the prices. That is why we are a leader in our field and a partner of so many businesses all over the UK. If you need any help, let us know.