Transport Tube Expansion

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd works to provide high quality specialist tubing services. Due to working in the industry for so long, we’ve become one of the UK’s leading specialists. We have an excellent reputation for services like transport tube expansion. With our work, you can create a plethora of transportation products.

The tube alteration equipment we use is some of the very best you can find. With it we can supply first class items. The work we do is also appropriate for multiple tubing materials. Examples include brass, various steels, titanium, copper, and aluminium.

What does tube expansion involve?

Transport Tube ExpansionThe process itself works by using a multitude of methods so we can open the tube end. This enables people to use the utensils in all kinds of interesting ways. The tubes can gain a leakproof, snug fit onto other items.

You can use two separate techniques to do transport tube expansion. Firstly, there’s ram forming. This method consists of you utilising a tapered, dedicated die. Massive pressure pushes it into the tube’s end. That forces the end of the tube open.

The thing to note here is the die is a formed, set size and diameter. Therefore, it means it’s only possible for it to produce maximum diameters for particular tubes.

As for the second method, it sees you using a hydraulic segmented expanding die. When it opens, you can expand the finger style segments to a multitude of lengths and diameters. It hammers the interior of the tube, achieving the expansion.

This option has more flexibility in range and size. You’re able to open the hydraulic die as little or as much as you like. Expect to receive a far more specific measurement.

The transport industry is a large one

You can see just how big if you have a look at how many different vehicles there are and the critical infrastructure to let them move safely. Both areas employ numerous kinds of metallic tubes to wonderful effect. Transport tube expansion also helps with this.

Every sort of motor you can think of will use tubes in some way. For example, they see considerable use in seat construction. The reason is that they’re extremely durable and lightweight. Safety railings use them for the same reasons. You can even come across some unexpected uses, like masts on boats.

Before any of these motors are usable, you need to manufacture them. Tubes can play a significant part in this stage. Hydraulic lifting equipment, conveyor belts, and more tools can use them. Without such products, manufacturing would be far more difficult.

When vehicles are finished and usable, they depend immensely on infrastructure to move around safely. Tubes are essential for creating a lot of things here. For instance, consider radio masts, sign posts, and traffic lights. Each one needs tubing in their designs.

The transport industry owes much to metallic tube. People depend on the characteristics of separate tubing as well as the myriad of design options. Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has no issue catering to these specifications. This is possible through our extensive list of skills and services. As a result, we’re dedicated to offering the best solutions in every situation.

We offer transport tube expansion in house

All our services take place in house, using high quality machinery and experience. As a result, we can produce market leading merchandise. When you order we’ll cater for your needs with precision. So, we can offer tubes that meet the highest standards. We examine all pieces carefully and only distribute those that receive approval.

If you’re after top quality transport tube expansion services, we’re the people to talk to. No matter what your specifications are, we’ll meet them. So, contact us now.