Transport Tube Swaging

The most amazing thing about metal tubing is it is possible to adapt it in several ways. For example, you can bend it, reduce or increase the diameter, and even change the shape of the inside. What you need is the right equipment, experience, and the necessary skills. Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has all three. As a result, we are the UK’s leading expert. Clients can come to us for all kinds of solutions for different industries, including transport tube swaging.

What is it?

Some people may not know what swaging is. Luckily, we know a great deal about it and can give you a much better idea. In its basic sense it is a way to adapt the inner diameter of a section of tube. You can do this to make it wider or adjust the shape.

Transport Tube SwagingAlthough it may not sound like it, the process is surprisingly simple. What you need is a die that tapers. You can insert this into the end of the section of tube until it can’t go further. You then hammer it to physically force it further into the tube. In the process, it widens the diameter.

There is another method that can be even more effective here though. It is known as rotary swaging. What happens is you have hammers and dies that you insert into the tube. They revolve inside while the die opens, hammering the interior. This action causes the reduction and the rotation can change the shape.

The tube swaging is a fantastic option for many reasons. Firstly, it is a form of cold working so there are low costs and no impact on the mechanical properties of the tube. Secondly, there is no cutting so no loss or waste material. The whole process can also be very efficient and offer short cycle times depending on the requirements.

Why is it good for transport tubing?

Transport tube swaging is a very interesting application for the process. It can be useful for creating a huge array of different products for a host of vehicles. For example, any time you see handrails or safety rails on trains or buses, they may have had the end forming so they can slot together without needing extra fittings. It can also be good for seat constructions and roll cages.

Metal tubing is also vital for transport manufacturers. For example, the tubes can be for lifting equipment, conveyors, and many other systems. Even workbenches can be tube. All of these occasionally need the tubes to slot together, so swaging can help.

If that wasn’t enough, many pieces of transport infrastructure also use tube. All you need to do is look at traffic lights and sign posts. Yet again swaging may have been used to help create them.

Ask us about transport tube swaging

If you are involved in any aspect of creating transportation products with tubing, you will benefit from working with us. We can share our expertise and deliver fantastic results for your tube. Most importantly, we can work seamlessly with various types of steel, aluminium, titanium, and much more. The standards will be high whatever the metal.

In addition, transport tube swaging can just be the start. You can also call on us to provide bending, drilling, and more. That means you can get many things all at once, reducing the lead time and your costs. We even offer support with assembly.

So, if you want high quality services and excellent value, speak to us.