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Why does brass tarnish?

We are a business that offers a wide range of tubing services. Having spent years in the industry, we have become one of the top tube experts in the country. Thanks to the likes of tube expansion, we can create utensils for all kinds of specifications. This can even include prototype products for new applications, so trust us for design advice and more. Continue reading

Metals are an irreplaceable part of construction

We are a business that uses its tubing manipulation skill in order to create utensils for countless industries. This includes construction, furniture, and automotive to name some. Tube reduction in particular is useful because there won’t be a loss of integral strength. In addition, we can use it to make components that are appropriate for heavy wall applications. Continue reading

What causes tube failure in heat exchangers?

Tube ring rollingWe have years of experience offering businesses a wide variety of tubing services. Tube ring rolling is one of them. This is a manipulation procedure that lets us take straight sections of tube and bend them to create curves and rings. With it, we can manufacture versatile utensils for numerous applications. Even with the strongest of tubes, the rolling offers you constant curves, and it does not flatten your tubing. Continue reading