A look at developed length

Metal tubing is useful for so many different applications. You can expand this even more with techniques such as tube swaging, bending, and expansion. They can adapt the tubes in all kinds of different ways, such as creating curving sections or opening the ends. As a result, a simple piece of tube can become a component for furniture, vehicles, and much more.

One term you will likely encounter when you look at tubes is developed length. We want to have a closer look at what it means today. There can actually be a number of different meanings depending on the context. So read on to find out more.

The basic definition

Pipe and tube manufacturers typically know the term developed length as a way to measure how long a section is. The measurement is along the centreline of the product from one point to another. Measuring from the centre ensures it is possible to measure the length while also accounting for any bends. In some cases the measurements will also account for any fittings.


Tube swagingHowever, you can also find the term in use when you look at tube swaging. Here it may mean the actual length of the swage. For example, you may only have a short developed length for the swaging to only adapt a few millimetres of the end of the tube. Or you may decide to have a longer swage. It all depends on how you plan to use the tubing afterwards.

You need to be accurate when specifying the length here. This will determine how far to feed the tube into the swaging machine. Keep in mind that the swaging can lengthen the tube. You will have to factor this into measurements.

A number of other things can also affect the swaging and developed length. For example, you need to know the material you are working with and the hardness. Final wall thickness and dimensions are important too.

Do you want to arrange expert tube swaging?

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