A look at pure, oxygen free, electrolytic, and free-machining coppers

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd specialises in providing services that alter metal tubing in a variety of ways. With tube expansion, we use a series of techniques to open the tube’s end. By doing this, it becomes possible to use the sections in more interesting ways. In addition, it is a great way to achieve a snug, leak proof fit onto other utensils.

Copper’s use

Tube expansionOne of the tube materials we deal with is copper. This is a metal that is used all over the world. People love it for its structural and mechanical characteristics. It provides wonderful electrical and thermal conductivity. What’s more, it can resist corrosion. The ductility and malleability also enable easy fabrication and workability too.

Different grades of copper exist. They are based on the purity levels. The introduction of impurities during manufacturing will have an impact on key things like the thermal and electrical attributes. However, there are also ways to refine the copper to improve the purity. That can improve the desirable attributes.

In this post, we want to discuss the types of copper that you can find commercially. We can work with them when you choose our tube reduction services.

Pure copper

These hold 0.7% in total impurities in the metal’s composition. They are extremely ductile and soft.

In many instances it is necessary to add other elements to pure coppers. The purpose here is to increase the stiffness. The type and amount of additives will differ depending on the characteristics you need to achieve. They will also be based on impurity levels. Speak to us if you need our tube expansion services.

Oxygen-free coppers

These are the purest materials you can find. They hold a minimum of 99.99% copper with the lowest amount of volatile impurities.

Manufacturers make the coppers with induction melting to ensure there is no contact with air. As a result, the final metals are extremely conductive. You can use them for high vacuum electronics like transmitter tubes and glass-to-metal seals.

Electrolytic coppers

This tough pitch copper gets made via electrolysis. That involves putting the raw material into a solution as you apply electricity. It purifies the copper so you get a better end material.

The benefit here is the Electrolytic coppers are going to hold less than 50 ppm of metallic impurities. They come with an electrical conductivity of 100% up to 101% IACS, which is the International Annealed Copper Standard. This is because they possess wonderful ductility and high conductivity.

These coppers are great for electrical applications such as cables, busbars, wires, and windings. Moreover, you can work the metal using cold and hot processes.

Free-machining coppers

These particular coppers have telluride and sulphur to improve machinability. Roughly 0.5% of the elements are going to feature in the alloys.

Free-machining coppers are utilised to generate machined electrical components and gas welding nozzles. Also, you can create the tips of torches and soldering irons.

Choosing a metal

By understanding the separate grades, you can select the most appropriate metal. You can ensure it will offer enough electrical and thermal conductivity. At the same time you can confirm you will be able to machine it as necessary. This is all while the copper is acting as a cost efficient asset to your company.

We help various industries with our tube expansion services

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we use our skills to aid a wide collection of clients. To give an example, we can offer a versatile way of supplying a tight fitting joint for handrails, pipes, and more. Thanks to our experienced and intelligent team, we can tackle any project with a great level of quality. Our customer service is also exceptional as well.

So, if you would like our help with tube expansion and more, feel free to contact us. We can deal with various types of copper and many other metals.