A look at sanitary, mechanical, and polished steel tubes

Tube expansionWe are a talented business offering a full range of specialist tubing services. Our team can assist you with your tube expansion needs and many other areas too. In terms of expanding the tubes, we can use our high quality equipment to open up the end. The result is a finish that gives your tube a snug, leak proof fit.

Despite what some might think, the stainless steel tube is not a single entity. It comes in a myriad of forms. The three we would like to concentrate on here are sanitary, mechanical, and polished tubes. There are vital things to note about each one.

Sanitary models

This is a kind of tube that is for high sanitation projects. Many sensitive applications demand the use of this tubing. It also has the greatest priority for the efficient flowing of fluids. These tubes come with the highest level of corrosion resistance too. Not to mention, you will find they won’t tarnish, making maintenance easy.

Mechanical tubing

During mechanical tube applications, you would normally use cylinder, bearing, and hollow parts. You can use the forming machine easily to produce all sorts of shapes. This includes square, rectangular, and other designs.

As for what metal grades are commonly used for mechanical tubes, these would be A511 and A554. The tubes are great for use in formed and machined parts. Examples include industrial applications, automotive machinery, and aircraft. Others include farm machinery, household equipment, and transportation.

Polished tube

These tubes are used in many facilities mainly based on their specifications. They aid users in lowering the wear and tear on their operating components. Furthermore, they assist in the limitation of contamination and adhesion of surfaces. This is the case for all kinds of equipment.

Another interesting fact about polished tubes is that you don’t need any extra finishing or coating. That can reduce the overall cost. Some other leading features of these products include smoothness, durability, and corrosion resistance. There is also dimensional accuracy, as well as a consistent and uniform surface.

Tube expansion services

You can use polished, mechanical, and sanitary tubes in all kinds of projects. We can help make them even more viable by offering our expert services to adapt them.

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we use two different methods while performing tube expansion. The first is ram forming, where we use a tapered, dedicated die that functions as a mould. As for the second, we need to use a hydraulic die. This allows us to expand the tube to all sorts of lengths and diameters.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you require help from our specialist team. We can handle all kinds of requests and also offer advice about tube designs.