Affordable tubular components

Every tube manipulation task requires skilled craftsmanship as well as the capability of carrying out meticulous work. Tube drilling does present a challenge, as precision can be difficult to achieve as a result of the curved shape of a tube. We offer tube drilling that matches the calibre of our many other manipulation services. We have been developing our skills for many years and when it comes to the needs of various industries we have evolved into a highly regarded name.

Our customers and clients confidently return to us time and time again as we consistently perform and satisfy requests. We have an obligation to our vast and loyal client base which is to provide them with the products they need whenever they need them. Furthermore, we maintain competitive and cost-effective prices and ensure our clients never pay over the odds.

Tube drilling is just one of the many services we provide. From tube bending, beading and ring rolling to expansion, swaging and many more there is no manipulation request we cannot meet. Our method of tube drilling is executed efficiently and results in sublimely smooth finishes. The tube is supported by a clamp to ensure it withstands the pressure and remains still during the drilling process. Many methods of drilling result in warped tubes and wasted materials as the clamp is set too tight, but our experience and skills ensure this will not happen. Our work is underpinned by many years of experience, top of the line equipment and finely honed skills. The final stage of the process involves precise pinpointing of the drilling location to make sure ultimate accuracy is achieved. As always we ensure that all edges are smoothed so our clients receive a tubular product with a perfectly clean finish.

We are pleased to provide the preferred tube manipulation services to our clients and we work very hard to maintain our reputation. We manufacture our components in a variety of shapes including round, square and elliptical tubes. We are the name to rely on when looking for high quality tubular parts along with a first class service. Contact us to discuss your needs.