An in-depth look at aluminium round tubing

Aluminium is an industry staple revered for its lightweight and strong nature. The secret to its ubiquity resides in its distinct mix of attributes. These include remarkable design flexibility, outstanding conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Aluminium round tubes in particular stand out because of their long-lasting nature and ease of installation. Those working in design and structural applications get much use out of them. We want to offer you an in-depth guide on these particular tubes today. Then, if you want to use them but need tube bending services, we can help.

The different types of tubes

Tube bending servicesWe will start with the various types of aluminium round tubing. One variety is the seamless tube. This category is famous for its uniform precision and strength. Such features make them perfect for high pressure applications. Examples are fuel lines and hydraulic systems.

Structural tubes are created with strength in mind. You can use them in architectural applications and frameworks as they provide aesthetic appeal as well as stability.

For extruded aluminium tubes, you use the extrusion process. What this does is permit you to have an extensive list of complex sizes and shapes. These are ideal for custom applications and intricate designs.

How to decide which to choose?

Next, you need to know how to select the right aluminium round tube. To do this, you must understand the application. Assess the environment where you will use it. Take into account details like the need for thermal conductivity and exposure to corrosive substances. In addition, think about whether you need things like tube bending services.

You need the right grade too. Separate aluminium grades come with their own benefits. Grade 6061 for instance has structural strength, making it useful for industrial and construction work. The 3003 grade works for projects needing decent formability.

Be sure to consider the finish as well. Depending on the application, you may need tubing with a specific finish. Said finishes include powder-coated, brushed, milled, and anodised. They have their own aesthetic appeal and levels of protection, so you need to think carefully.


There are specific installation practices you should follow with the round tubes too. Think about these, especially if you choose tube bending services to adapt the shape.

With the first, you need to measure things accurately. Before cutting, make certain the measurements are accurate to prevent material wastage and get a proper fit. In addition, to avoid ruining your tubing or undermining its structural integrity, you need the right tooling for cutting and shaping.

Make certain you also securely fasten the tubes. To stop wear and tear, they need fastening securely using the right supports or brackets. Doing so will prevent movement.

You must allow for thermal expansion too. To stop structural damage or warping, make allowances for thermal expansion and contraction. Do so when installing the unit.


You must do regular inspections to ensure you maintain your tubes effectively. It is very important and can make your tubing last longer. Think about the impact of things like tube bending services too; you may need to adapt the maintenance plans.

Examine the connection points frequently for damage, corrosion, and wear. Focus on points where connections are made because the wear can be higher.

Clean everything properly every time you do some maintenance. You must use the appropriate cleaning agents to stop corrosion or material build-up because it leads to degradation.

Another thing you need to do is utilise protective measures. To defend against environmental factors, you will need insulation or coatings.

Finally, you should schedule preventative maintenance. Do so to guarantee that worn components get replaced. It will also help if you use lubrication when necessary. This will prolong the lifespan of your tubes.

You can depend on us for tube bending services and more

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we pride ourselves on our skill with adapting tubing. The team always aims to meet the highest standards with every client. At the same time, we make sure there is always someone on hand to offer advice and guidance. It can ensure the success of tube projects.

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