Are ultrasonic systems suitable for cleaning titanium?

We are one of the UK’s top providers of tubing services. Using the likes of tube ring rolling, our technicians are able to create utensils with specific features. As a result, the tubes can perform their application easily. In addition to steel, we can work with a myriad of other materials like aluminium, titanium, and copper.

The use of components created from titanium alloys or pure grades is common in certain industries. These are ones where low weight and strength are vital. As well as being light and hard, the metals have resistance to various chemicals and solvents. These are ones that can harm other materials. This mix of attributes means that titanium components are excellent candidates for use with industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Classic cleaning methods vs ultrasonic

Tube ring rollingWith these you require abrasive materials. Alternatively, you need to soak the metal in toxic chemicals for a certain amount of time. Or, you can do manual scrubbing and soaking. On the other hand, ultrasonic cleaning allows you to use a mild detergent or plain water. It can be a much gentler option.

The exteriors of tubes and other titanium components are considerably hard. Because of this, you can make use of low ultrasonic frequencies to provide powerful and rapid cleaning.

Then there are other considerations surrounding using industrial sonic cleaners. They depend on the kind of contaminant you are removing.

You could have to clean titanium products multiple times between manufacturing and final use. This will depend on the manufacturing procedures and any residue they leave behind that you must remove.

Titanium aerospace components

These include parts for spacecraft, landing gear, and jet engines. As it is lighter and stronger than steel, people often use titanium in high-stress locales.

With all these parts, it is necessary to clean them prior to use. A lot of them get cleaning at factories. This is to get rid of machining oil residue, shop dirt, or similar contaminants. But, you may need some extra work before the final use if you there are more fabrication steps like welding. If you are in need of tube ring rolling services, please contact our team.

Medical implants and other objects

These are created using titanium for specific reasons. For one thing, the metal isn’t harmful to living tissues. Also, it is extremely biocompatible. Not to mention, it has a similar flexibility level to human bones.

It is true that medical titanium components have usually been cleansed at factory environments too. However, it is possible for them to pick contaminants up during shipping. This can happen at the medical facility or in storage. Contaminated implants can result in disease and infection, and the implant can fail. Medical devices and implants must be entirely sterile and clean before use on patients.

How do industrial sonic cleaners work?

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners work by generating microscopic cavitation bubbles within the cleaning solution. They supply a scrubbing action to dislodge surface contaminants. Titanium is hard and strong. Thus, you can use lower frequencies with comparatively big bubbles and more robust cleaning.

For parts with heavy surface contamination, you can clean them rapidly at 26 kHz. As for 38 kHz, it is more efficient for fine particle cleaning and lighter contamination.

If there is grease and oil on part exteriors, you can heat the cleaning solution. Also, a mild detergent can augment performance.

To gain sterile and clean parts in medical applications, you can add a disinfectant to the cleaning solution. In each instance, the ultrasonic cleaning system is going to cleanse the titanium components more completely and swiftly. This is if you compare to classic methods.

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