Bending benefits both the pricing and design of tubes

Tubes are immensely flexible components it must be said, but it takes a professional to realise just how much potential they truly possess. Having worked with tubing for decades, our company has developed its skill set to the point where we can offer customers an enormous array of specialist services. Included amongst these is our tube ring rolling work, an ideal choice if you’re looking for accurate rings.

For years now, bending techniques such as our ring rolling efforts have been used throughout the tubing industry. However, there are many individuals out there wondering what makes them so special. So that you have an understanding of just how brilliant our line of work is, we are going to discuss some of the finer benefits of it in detail right here.

To begin with, pipeline installation and construction companies have depended on classic, not to mention expensive, joining strategies for ages. Thanks to the diverse nature of tube bending however, it has been able to take the place of joining. When compared against welding bending is considerably cheaper. By economising those expenditures associated with pricey weld accessories, not only can one lower storage and procurement costs, but also the cost of materials. Additionally, processing times are dramatically reduced too.

Another fact to be aware of is that the production defects related to welding can be circumvented with the assistance of bending. Whenever welded tubing is utilised to transport fluids, flow complications surface within them because of the diminished resistance. By getting rid of major joining spots found with welded creations, possible pipeline hazards can be minimised, resulting in an extended lifespan for the pipes.

At Multiform, our tube ring rolling services have already led to the creation of some incredibly adaptable products, and we’re keen to make more. It’s also capable of providing continuous curves, regardless of how sturdy the tube materials are, without the risk of flattening.

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