Bent tubes are better suited to hydraulic systems

As the years have gone by, we have steadily built ourselves up to become the leading specialists in tube ring rolling within the UK. With a team of intelligent and talented technicians backing us up, there’s no obstacle we’re unable to overcome. The tubes we’ve created have served an impressive collection of industries, making them some of the most versatile options out there.

Rigid tubing is commonly part of hydraulic devices. However, the rigidity can channel vibrations between individual components. Increasingly, system designers are introducing bent hoses and tubes to crossbreed connections. These assemblies supply the vibration dampening and flexibility characteristics of hose with the bend and weight benefits of bent tube.

Metal tubes possess a lengthy service life and are very economical. For equipment fabricators, bent tubes have conventionally provided extra advantages that place them above hoses. They include the capacity to withstand pressures over 6,000 psi, greater heat dissipation, weight savings, and smaller allowable bend radii.

The capabilities of tubing

Tubing is able to endure a fair degree of punishment. Both welded and seamless tubes obey set standards of excellence. Additionally, they’re employed extensively in high and medium-pressure applications. Stainless steel tube comes in handy for incredibly high-pressure scenarios.

The one thing to note about tubing is that it’s vulnerable to corrosion unless it undergoes special treatment. Moreover, you need to shape it with the aid of advanced bending gear to achieve accuracy. Finally, you must introduce unique fittings.

At Multiform Tubes, tube ring rolling enables us to produce elements for spiral staircases, automotive springs, hydraulic components, and much more. We can perform this action in a series of ways, including hand and machine manipulation, and cold and hot manipulation.

If you would like to discuss your specifications with us, you’re welcome to contact the company anytime. We are confident we can cater for any requirements, even if you have very complex specifications. Our skills are as extensive as they come and will serve you well.