Brass possesses versatility and antimicrobial properties

Tube manipulation is a skill that serves numerous industries in all sorts of interesting ways. We frequently send off our tubes so that customers can utilise them within the domestic and industrial sectors. Our company doesn’t just limit itself to steel tubing however. We’re more than capable of working with the likes of brass, copper, titanium, and aluminium.

Brass tubing is a very popular choice for hotels and homes in today’s world. There are many adequate reasons for this. In addition to its versatility, the material matches up well with every variety of interior design. Prior to decorating your property using this kind of tubing though, you should do some research on it first. The following are facts that you might find intriguing.

A versatile substance

Due to the sheer quantity of shapes available, you can get more uses out of brass tubing than you can pipes. It’s also handy that the material possesses a delightful, gold-like shade, one that doesn’t influence the price. Furthermore, countless individuals have praised the metal for its longevity and robustness. With all these admirable attributes, designers and builders have become more innovative in terms of using the tubes.


Another fact about brass is that it has antimicrobial characteristics. Copper is an oligodynamic metal, ensuring it can effectively eliminate bacteria. Many copper-based alloys include these useful traits, including brass. As a result it is a prime candidate for handrails. The metal prevents bacteria from remaining on the surface and spreading across it. Consequently it is better for stopping the spread of illnesses.

At Multiform Tubes, we consider ourselves tremendously flexible and we always work to ensure that the team meets all of your needs. Thanks to our comprehension of tube manipulation, we can offer customers advice on areas they’re not certain of.

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