Changing the shape of a tube with swaging

When it comes to tubes and tubular components, custom made is better. People and businesses can buy tubes from anywhere, but when they need something that is ideally suited to their needs in terms of size, shape and material, they turn to us here at Multiform Tubes Ltd.

We are a West Midlands-based company who pride ourselves on offering our customers the best tube manipulation services available in the country. We are here to supply a variety of industries and are always ready to handle every task, no matter how large or small. Our work has proved to be simply invaluable to a number of businesses across a myriad of different sectors.

Tube swaging is a process of rotary swaging, which is a hammer forming process used to reduce the cross-section of items such as tubes and wires. By producing circular concentric reductions or other regular forms in different shapes throughout the tube, the process can essentially modify the interior of the tube. Although the inside of the tube is being altered, the outside of the tube remains in its original shape. This means that items such as bespoke nuts and bolts can be created with some ease whilst not compromising the external form of the part.

Through the process of tube swaging, which involves inserting a die inside the tube and hammering rapidly, we can create tubes with customised internal formations. This means creating square or cylindrical tubes which have hexagonal or octagonal interiors. The possibilities are simply endless, and swaging can be achieved quite quickly, allowing for a swift turnaround. Tight tolerances are also possible, and material loss is kept minimal, meaning that the overall structural integrity of the tube isn’t put at risk.

Whatever your requirements are, from material to tube size, we will meet them. When it comes to tube swaging or any other kind of manipulation, you can be completely assured that we will create the precise tube you want and deliver it to you as quickly as possible. From shop fittings to furniture, from the aerospace industry to the retail industry, we’re ready to offer the ideal tubular components.