Choosing the right drill bits for tube drilling

To drill any satisfactory hole in materials, the correct drill bit must be used. Sometimes it needs to be sharpened in order for it to perform correctly. The harder the material the more likely this is. At Multiform Tubes we specialise in tube drilling, providing products to suit an array of needs, whether it be at home or used in industrial applications like oil rigging.

For the most basic processes, high speed drilling can be achieved using steel twist drills. For more sophisticated jobs and materials, other bits may be required. Specially hardened steel or even highly durable carbon ones may be utilised.

The tube drilling services we offer are a sure way of saving you time, and ensuring you get a clean hole every time. Our specialist equipment is the best in the industry, so here’s some of what we use, and what we use it for:

Twist bits are among the most common tools; the front edges cut the material whilst the spirals remove the debris and keep the bit straight. They are used either on metal, plastics, timber, and other similar materials. There are coatings available for twist bits, one of them being Titanium nitride. The coating acts as a lubricant, which makes it ideal for metal drilling.

High speed steel (HSS) bits are suitable for drilling most kinds of materials but are particularly good at working with metals. The big benefit in these applications is HSS can withstand high temperatures. Carbon steel bits are designed to drill wood, and should not be used on metals.

Bullet pilot point bits have two spurs and can be used on metal, wood and plastics. Unlike normal twist bits, these are brilliant for creating accurate and clean cut holes; causing little damage when breaking through the back.

Using our high quality drilling equipment means we can provide expert solutions for a range of applications. Multiform Tubes have many years of experience in tube finishing, working with clients to achieve their goals. Rest assured, when using our services you can expect the very best results.

If you require our help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Multiform!