Contemporary mild steel uses

The Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd team has been working with tubing for years. We don’t just supply tube however. Instead our goal is to provide specialist services to alter them and deliver bespoke products. Techniques like tube reduction are necessary because standard tubing won’t work in every situation. Thanks to them, we can give you the items you require for your projects.

One of the main materials manufacturers use for tubes is mild steel. Asking what this kind of steel is utilised for can be a strange question. That is because you can find it pretty much anywhere. It is not too surprising for such a versatile metal that is easy to manufacture and cost efficient. Not to mention, the end product will not be extremely ductile or brittle due to the low carbon content.

With so many options for using the metal, we thought we would go over some of the modern day uses for mild steel. It may help you to decide whether it is right for your needs.

Steel frame buildings

Firstly, we have steel frame buildings. Mild steel, with its distinct attributes, is a viable option for construction. This material is a favourite for building frames thanks to the high strength. In truth, if you have steel beams in your ceiling it could be possible to hang 20,000kg from it.

For construction applications specifically, mild steel tubing can be advantageous. This is because it meets strict wind or seismic requirements. It can’t be harmed by insects either. In addition, it will be impervious to fire and rot. Plus you can adapt it in many ways with things like tube reduction, bending, and more.

Machinery parts

We cannot forget that steel in its most basic form is a mixture of carbon and iron. You are able to combine these elements in a multitude of ways. This is to reach the necessary ratio of hardness, ductility, and strength. It could go far to explain why the material, especially malleable mild steel, is so popular for manufacturing machine parts.

Steel car parts like exhausts for instance are more appropriate for welding. This is because they don’t suffer from those molecular alterations when you reheat them. They save many hours of heat treatment, forging, and machining as they only need minute final shaping when they cool.


Tube reductionThe wonderful ductility of galvanised mild steel tubes is a main reason for their popularity. This is for use as pipes and poles capable of withstanding the weather and similar exterior elements. Take this potential and expand it. Do so, and it won’t be surprising why steel pipelines are the usual choice for moving natural gas. You can also transport water, and even beer.

Mild steel permits you to easily weld these pipes in position. What’s more, it enables pipe to flex, and avoid breaking and cracking under pressure. Normally, in colder climates, to guarantee that warmth and cold cycling in the pipe does not generate structural integrity issues, it is offered an insulating material wrap. This is to ensure top performance. Speak to us if you need first rate tube reduction services.

Fencing and metal gates

For the sake of character and beauty, metal fencing and gating has always had to achieve a great balance. This is between visually striking designs and strength. Mild steel lends itself to both. It is hard to break and strong. Furthermore, you can paint it to create a low maintenance, long-lasting decorative finish. You can also galvanise it to halt corrosion.

Start working with us when you need tube reduction and more

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we use the best equipment and tooling to create tubing products for a plethora of industries. This includes medical, construction, and automotive to name a few. We have the ability to produce items from a huge collection of materials too. Some of them are mild steel, copper, brass, titanium, and aluminium.

So, if you have any interest in working with us, feel free to get in touch. We can even advise you if tube reduction and other services are the best option for your project. We will always prioritise your needs here.