Copper water tubes are the best choice in many cases

Tube ring rollingMultiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is an establishment excelling at the alteration of tubing. We make them better suited for applications. Using our specialist skills and considerable knowledge, we can get you the products you need. We use techniques like tube ring rolling to serve clients in many industries.

Copper isn’t employed strictly for producing electrical wires. It’s true that the metal’s conductive properties make it perfect for electronics. But, it also sees use in the creation of water tubes. In residential properties and commercial spaces, the tubing is common. It’s the same for municipality water systems. Right now, you are likely wondering why we use copper to manufacture the tube instead of other metals and materials. Please read on if you are interested in discovering the answers.

A safer metal

Firstly, copper is a safer option than some other metals. Typically it is not going to leach harmful materials into potable water. If it does, the levels typically won’t be harmful. This is much better than lead. In fact, the use of lead tubes was banned in the UK in the 1970s because it can result in poisoning.


Another advantage is copper is an antimicrobial metal. As water moves through the tube, the metal eradicates viruses and bacteria on contact. Copper tubes aren’t a foolproof solution for stopping all waterborne illnesses. Although, it is able to help minimise the risk of illnesses like these. Please get in touch if you’d like to use our tube ring rolling services.

Corrosion resistant

As it doesn’t hold iron, copper won’t rust. Only metals holding iron, like steel for instance, will suffer with rusting. Thus, copper water tubes will be naturally protected from this phenomenon. The material comes with a greater level of corrosion resistance than other metals. It isn’t uncommon for the tube to last for five decades. There are some that can go for even longer.


One other reason why people like using copper for water tubes is because it’s ductile. In other terms, you can bend and deform the tube. You can do so without causing fractures. If your tubing won’t connect to any fittings, the ductile features will permit physical deformation so make them fit. However, copper tube can fracture if you expose it to enough stress. It takes considerably more force to cause fracturing than other materials though.

An inexpensive option

There is around 6 trillion tonnes of copper residing in the planet’s crust. So, it is readily available. Because of this, it tends to cost less than other metals, particularly stainless steel. If plumbers and buildings use it for whole water systems, they can save money.

Tube ring rolling to deliver the best products

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we work hard to deliver the best products possible. Our technicians have experience working with a variety of materials. They know how to deal with the likes of copper, steel, titanium, and aluminium effectively. Thanks to their knowledge and training, they can adapt tubes made of these metals with ease.

So, contact us today if you’d like to use our tube ring rolling services. We can also offer bending, drilling, and different types of end forming.