Creating tube joints with no risk of galvanic corrosion

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we strive to offer the most comprehensive tube manipulation solutions in the UK. We support clients from an array of industries, helping them get the exact tubing they need. Our broad services can include tube reduction, bending, and much more. Clients can choose a single service or a full package if they need several.

There are a huge array of different fittings and fixtures available to use for all kinds of tubing projects. However, you can’t just rush in and choose any old product. You need to consider if the item you use will cause issues. One thing in particular you need to be wary of is galvanic corrosion. It can occur if you fail to think about the impact of combining materials.

Why does it happen?

Galvanic corrosion occurs because of the combination of two different materials in a corrosive environment. What usually happens is it causes the least resistant metal to corrode rapidly. As a result, it can fail very quickly.

The problem with tubes is that the galvanic corrosion could quickly destroy the fitting/fixture or the tube itself. That could result in harmful leaks or structural failure.

How to avoid the issue?

Tube reductionThe key to avoiding this kind of corrosion is to choose the right material combinations. Ideally you should use components made of the same metals. Be careful here though because alloys of a metal can have very different corrosion resistances due to the other elements in them.

If it is not possible to choose the same metals, ensure they are from the same galvanic series. For example, titanium and alloy 20 stainless steel are close. Then you could also ensure you choose the right protective coatings or reduce the aggressiveness of the environment.

An alternative is to avoid using fittings and fixtures all together. This can be possible with tube reduction. With it, we can adapt the ends of tubing so it can fit together directly. This can reduce the need to use any additional products to create a joint. A quality service can provide leak proof joints.

There are a number of extra benefits of using tube manipulation here. Firstly, you can reduce the cost of buying any additional fixtures of fittings. Secondly, it can reduce the weight because you are not adding anything extra. If that wasn’t enough, adapting the ends of the tube can also preserve the grain and strength of the metal.

Talk to us about tube reduction

So, if you are planning a project that uses tubing and have concerns about joints or galvanic corrosion, speak to us. Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a company you can trust to help you find a solution. Plus, we offer excellent value for money and high standards every time.