Curved steel in construction

There are numerous questions when it comes to tube reduction, manipulation, end forming and expansion. Some of these questions asked are along the basis of is it expensive, structurally sound, and readily available?

When it comes to it being expensive it should be considered whether or not the service contributes to the overall design and cost of building. Regardless of the specific use of the products, the curves of the steel will still create pleasing aesthetics and functional roof trusses.

Do typical bending and reduction techniques make a structurally sound tube? Specifically about steel bending you will find high quality tubes, as Multiform are experienced engineers in this sector. Also based on much experience, many major rollers and benders have not witnessed a failure as they have correctly incorporated curved steel members. Particularly with construction, more research is being carried out relating to tube reduction and bending, due to its increase in use in HSS sections.

When it comes to finding tube finishing services, it can be difficult to meet with industry demands like the construction industry. Quick turnaround times are still required, despite the economically challenging times we are experiencing.

Having carried out many tube operations for our clients, and received positive feedback, we can be trusted to deliver both quality and efficiency. We always do everything necessary to answer every concern you may have.

Multiform Tubes have produced many kinds of tubing for an array of different industries. As our products are trusted for use in oil rigging, farm industries, electric pylons and construction industries, you can be assured your budget will be well spent. The amount and variety of clients we have tended to shows the reliance people put on our tubes.

If you require our tube reduction and bending services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today. We can meet any requirements, catering for various tolerances and finishes.