Do you know how important the design is?

Industry professionals use tubes all the time. However, they’re not always the right shape for the job. We aim to change this with our first rate services. We offer several options, including bending and tube expansion. With the latter we open the tube’s end. Therefore, customers receive a product that will fit onto other tubes or fixtures without issue.

It’s one thing to design components, assemblies, and tubular goods. Designing them for easy manufacturing however is a completely different story. We have made huge progress to improve cold bending. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s simple.

You can bend a material if you can make it flow under stress. Some fabricators believe this anyway. Industry experts know that there’s more to it than that. It’s true that a bending application needs the right tools as well as an intelligent operator. Something else that’s important though is the part’s physical design. It determines the tooling and equipment necessary to bend the part.

The proper procedures

Tube bending leads to production benefits and cost savings. Countless people are aware of this fact. However, some don’t know what the right processes are. As such, designing bent parts is tough for them.

Decent part design improves to the efficiency of production. It does this by reducing load times. Consequently, the cycling time also goes down. Good design decreases the costs as well. It does this by lowering how much they need to invest in equipment. Sometimes, it eliminates costly tools.

At Multiform Tubes, we’re always prepared for the task that lies ahead. The two methods we use for tube expansion are ram forming and hydraulic die expanding. The first is useful when creating diameters for certain tubes. The second comes in handy when flexibility is vital.

If you would like us to help you with something, please contact our company. Our tube expansion is first rate and suitable for many needs. Clients from a range of different industries rely on us as a result.