Don’t use your tubes incorrectly

Our tube drilling service has proven itself to be invaluable to industry and domestic sectors. Also, our technicians have the best training and a reputation as some of the top specialists in the country. We are very familiar with the technique for drilling tubing. Therefore, you can expect us to deliver quality results each time.

Stainless steel remains one of the most aesthetically pleasing, sturdy metals around. It is useful for a myriad of applications in business complexes. People use stainless steel tubes on products and facilities that the company’s likely use each day. For example, many of the top calibre natural gas tubes you use could feature the steel.

While stainless steel is a top material, a mixture of metal alloys is used to manufacture the tubes. As a result, they can meet various needs. However, due to the range of alloys to choose from, it is easy to make an error. You can purchase something that doesn’t match your specs. When choosing and using stainless steel tubes, you could make several mistakes. The following are examples.

Lubricating the fastener threads

One would be that you did not lubricate the fastener threads. Many people choose tubing with the threads so that they hold the tubes in position. Said fasteners are an essential part of the entire tubing system. However, some forget to care for them correctly. See to it that you lubricate them to prevent galling and corrosion.

The rain

Forgetting about the rain’s effects is also a huge mistake. Some types of metal tubing are very vulnerable to rust so any moisture at all would trigger it. Luckily there are alloys of stainless steel that have more protection. You should choose materials carefully. If the alloy is vulnerable to moisture and will be exposed to rain, you could choose additional protection like plating or galvanisation.

At Multiform Tubes, we provide customers with nothing but the best in regards to tube drilling and other finishing services. We even make our tubes using some of the highest quality materials too. This ensures maximum life, strength, and durability.

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