Finding a suitable bending procedure

It can be difficult finding a tube manipulation provider that you can depend on. This is particularly true given the specialist nature of the practice. Having worked in the tubing industry for years, we have become one of the country’s leading figures in this area.

Repeatedly, customers have come to us seeking aid because of our solid reputation. Fortunately we always do our best to satisfy them. It doesn’t matter how complicated your specifications are; we are confident we will be able to meet them.

There are several different bending procedures to choose from. Each of them is a little different and can also have an impact on the final finish. In some cases it is possible to produce tubing to meet the specifications using several methods. At other times though, only one or two techniques are suitable. Our professional team have the training and knowledge to suggest the best method for each project, therefore providing the perfect products.

How can we choose the right process?

The bent module’s geometry can influence the bend technique. For one the component’s dimensions must be adjustable for the size of the bending apparatus. Consequently, we can detail the constituents’ geometry with a series of criteria, including bend angles and factors.

The angle of the bending arc is the first criterion, and includes three categories. Category 1 starts from 0° and goes to 180°. The second is from 180° to 360°, and the final is anything exceeding 360°. Extra measurements as well as equipment may be necessary for the latter.

The bend factor is another important variable. It determines the maximum strain the tube substance can handle. We decide the factor’s technical limitation via the profile cross-section and material. Geometrically, you can obtain a minimal factor of B = 0.5.

At Multiform Tubes, we go the extra mile to ensure that your products meet the high standards you expect. Thanks to our efforts, individuals from various industries have benefited from quality tubing in some way. We strive to ensure we continue to offer the highest quality tube manipulation solutions, therefore ensuring we always select the right technique for each job.

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