Focusing on copper pipe use

In terms of all the different types of metal used to create tubes, copper is arguably the most frequently used. The qualities of copper make it particularly suitable in certain cases where piping is required, particularly for pipes which will come into contact with people. For example, the vast majority of hot and cold water supplies to homes across the UK use copper tubing. With this being the case, considerable care is required when working with copper tubing to make certain its important qualities are not undermined.

The primary reason for copper being used in systems such as water supplies is that, generally speaking, bacteria does not set or grow on it. This means the water which flows through copper pipes will remain safe for human consumption. When we are appointed to carry out our tube bending or manipulation on copper pipes, we are always aware of the need to uphold this particular quality. It is because of this that our services are in growing demand.

Over the years there has been a movement away from the squared off soldering or flare connection approach to installing copper pipes. While this was efficient, the fact that there is a cut and seal means that there is a weakness in the pipe. By using tube bending instead, you are able to eliminate these weaknesses. This maintains the copper’s natural defence against bacteria, as well as securing an extra measure of corrosion resistance.

Due to the beneficial qualities of copper, there has been a surge in demand for tubing made of the metal. Market forces have come into play and the price of copper has risen considerably over the last few months. We know that this reduces your margin for waste to even lower levels than usual. To help you handle this, our precise work ensures that there will be no faults or flaws, and our planning allows for the most efficient use of your copper tubes possible.

Copper tubes are an essential part of building and construction work, particularly now when there are so many new build projects underway across the UK. We deliver the precise, expert service you need to ensure the tubes are manipulated and formed to meet your exact requirements.