Gaining higher efficiency from tube bending services

The practical advantages of tube bending services are relatively straightforward. Carrying out tube manipulation on precast, straight tubes reduces the time and expense you would experience by having shaped and bent tubes created specifically for a design purpose. We do not believe, however, that savings should be limited to just the straightforward and obvious. We use a process which provides our customers with maximum efficiency, using tube manipulation to achieve all kinds of design requirements.

Anyone involved in engineering or metal work will tell you that the number one drain on resources is cut-off waste. It’s a generally accepted fact that it’s highly unlikely that either tubes or sheet metal will ever be created to the precise measurements needed. If it’s inevitable that cut-off waste will be generated by any work, it is at the least possible to avoid creating large, excessive or unnecessary amounts of waste.

When carrying out tube manipulation, we carefully consider all of your measurements and specifications in our planning. This means we work out what lengths of tube will be bent and manipulated to meet the angles required, rather than concentrating on just your final size requirement alone. In doing this we get a clear idea of how much tubing is needed to meet your requirements. There will of course be a margin of extra length to cover any unforeseen or unexpected issues, but overall our approach requires a lot less metal tubing to get the bends and manipulation you want.

One of the greatest dangers in our work is a tube collapsing whilst it is being manipulated. Generally this can be avoided by using high quality, grade A tubing, but even then in our experience the very finest of metal can harbour virtually undetectable faults and flaws. Our lathes, machinery and processes are all engineered to minimise this risk and ensure that tubes stay completely strong, durable and hardwearing throughout every step of the process.

Over the years we’ve become established as the leading service providers for all tube manipulation and tube bending services. Our combination of traditional skills and the latest in technology and equipment delivers the superior service you want.